If you want wedding favors that are truly unique, take the time to develop your ideas and make your own. It has become increasingly popular for brides to design their own wedding favors. You will save money and it shows that you have an interest in the guests that came to share in your very special day. It is also an opportunity for the bridal party to become actively involved in the preparations of the wedding.

Search through bridal magazines to get an idea of the different types of wedding favors you can create. Remember, you do not have to exactly duplicate the item, just get an idea and then adapt it to your specific needs. Browse through local craft stores to get an idea. You can talk to the staff and work with them to help you create the perfect wedding favor. Then, you can purchase the necessary supplies and make the remainder. Make the wedding favor as simple as possible so that it is easy to assemble at the last minute.

Once you have decided on the wedding favor, you can make your favor fit the theme of your wedding. Whatever you choose, the important fact is that it was hand-crafted by you for your guests. There are a variety of inexpensive wedding favors that you can enhance by creating a decorative label. This decorative label may include your names and the date of your wedding and can be attached to your wedding favors. Items such as

Candy tins or gift bags filled with Jordan almonds, mints or chocolate kisses. Dove chocolate shaped as a long stemmed red rose. Votive candle. Personalized scrolls that have your name and wedding date with a beautiful poem relating to the bride and future groom.

If you are too busy or not inclined to take the time to make your own personalized wedding favors, there are many different wedding favors that can be purchased with a minimal budget. You can shop around to find many different types of wedding favors. The possibilities are endless. Another option is to do internet research to find discount wedding favors. Many internet sites offer a variety of items for sale. If you only need a few wedding favors, there is also the possibility of closeout items at a greatly reduced price.


Durex Colored & Scented Condoms

Price: 8.49

Looking for a fun decoration or pinata stuffer for a bachelorette party?
How about some Durex Colored & Scented Condoms? Not only are these condoms
a number of different colors, but they are actually flavored as well.
Yuck! These colored condoms will be perfect for sending the bride happily
into marriage.

Last Night Out Glow Badge

Price: 4.99

The Last Night Out Glow Badge is a great alternative to our flashing,
light up products. Once you squeeze and shake the badge, it will glow
for hours. With its adhesive backing, you can put this badge on any shirt
or jacket. Slap the Last Night Out Glow Badge on your friend and push
her into the crowd. She is sure to become the center of attention.

Our Own Bachelorette Party Veil – Top Quality

Price: 7.99

Our Bachelorette Party Veil is a good quality veil to give to a bachelorette
for her bachelorette party. The bachelorette will look beautiful wearing
our best and most popular veil. I won’t tell you what my real wedding
veil cost, but I will say that it was a heckuva lot more than $7.99. If
you want a veil for the bachelorette party, this one is a great choice.
It uses a full yard of fine nylon tulle and attaches using a barrette.
It will fit anyone, even those with very short hair. In early 2004, we
started dealing with a new supplier for this product. We felt our prior
supplier was not using the best quality materials in the veil and were
unhappy with the small amount of material they were using. It seemed like
the veils we had been getting were a little bit flat and inexpensive looking.
We developed a unique solution to the problem by enlisting the help Tom’s
mom (Tom is the owner of PriveCo and Tom’s mom had
recently retired and was looking for a way to make some cash. We asked
her if she wanted to make a new and improved veil for us. Carol (that
is Tom’s mom’s name) is quick with a glue gun and an inventive business
woman. Using her skills, she has earned the new title of Queen of Bachelorette
Party Veils. She found better quality materials, used more of them, and
set up shop in her basement. She turns out batches of 50 veils for us
on a regular basis. We pay the same amount we always paid and she makes
a little bit of cash to spend on her grandkids. You get a better quality
veil, too.

Final Fling Before The Ring Invitations – 8

Price: 4.99

Here are some bright, sweet invitations to let your friends know you
are celebrating someone’s Final Fling Before the Ring. The package includes
8 invitations and matching envelopes. The backside of the invitation includes
the typical fields you would want to fill out for an invite: You’re Invited
to a: For: Date: Time: Place: Given By: RSVP: This invitation is a tame
choice in terms of bachelorette party invitations. They are five inches
by five inches.

Bachelorette Party Napkin Game

Price: 3.99

The Bachelorette Napkin Game is an entertaining game to be played in
any bachelorette party environment. Printed on each napkin are trivia
questions focusing on the bachelorette and her husband-to-be. For example,
one question might be, “What type of underwear does the groom wear?” That
might be one question. We’re not sure. It MIGHT be on there. Now you should
get at least one answer correct. Each package contains 25 napkins.

Inflatable Willy The Weiner

Price: 14.99

Willy The Weiner blows up to be about 4 feet tall. He isn’t the biggest
willy we sell, but his face sure is cute. With good looks like that, he
will be welcome at any bachelorette party. The little picture shows this
48 inch inflatable penis next to the Captain Pecker. The Captain Pecker
is pretty darn big. We thought the photo comparison might be helpful.
But, come on, Willy’s smile is so adorable. He had you at, “Hello,” right?

Bachelorette Party Lei – Deluxe

Price: 12.99

Hawaii would be a drastically different place if they handed out this
lei when tourists got off planes. Think Las Vegas meets Bangkok. This
Lei comes with everything you need for a good Lei. Intermingling with
the chain bouquet of flowers is an array of fun devices. Penis pacifiers,
condoms, candy, lube, and a button reading “I’m the bride” will be proudly
hung around your neck. This Lei is a fun product for Bachelorette Parties
and is sure to lead to some memorable experiences.

Penis Pennants – A Banner Full of Them

Price: 2.99

Looking for an exciting new way to draw attention to your garage sale?
Bring the zest of penises into your backyard without the annoyance of
indecent exposure laws. Just kidding. They’d probably work better at your
bachelorette party. These Penis Pennants can be well hung and stretched
to a length of ten feet. Which is, ahem, well hung by any standards. With
ten flags of six penises each, this product offers you the unique capability
of hanging a chain of sixty. Perfect for Bachelorette Parties or making
the cover spread of Architectural Digest, Penis Pennants make sure your
flag will wave.

Pecker Party Tablecloth

Price: 2.99

Going on a picnic? Be sure to remember the basket, the bugspray, and
this penis-laden table cloth. But really, this tablecloth is perfect for
outdoor themed bachelorette parties or even indoor affairs. It fits all
your bachelorette party tablecloth needs. Measuring 72 by 52 inches, this
spread is big enough to sop up the mess of any blast. This cloth is decorated
with a wide array of peckers and balloons so be sure to prepare lots of
phallic foods, to accentuate the mood. The Pecker Party Tablecloth is
fun, high quality, and fit for public display.

Cookie Cutters – Dicks and Tits

Price: 4.99

We all know that ginger bread men aren’t men at all. Same thing goes
for those elf cookies, with that long hair and large eyes it is impossible
to tell. The world of cookies is an androgenous one. We need a cookie
that has the guts to jump off the gender fence and make a clear decision.
With boob and dick shaped sweets your snacks will be straight-forward
with their gender. Your friends are sure to thank you, for this problem
has been distressing them for eons. A pile of freshly cut cookies are
sure to be snatched up at any party. Everyone likes cookies. Everyone
likes private parts. That makes this one beautiful combination. Frost
and decorate these for a detailed treat or leave them blank which is still
a good joke. With three different cutters there’s enough variety for everyone.
They’re sure to get their favorite part.

10,000 Carat Engagement Ring

Price: 8.49

You know what they say: bigger is always better! This 10,000 Carat Engagement
Ring really takes the (wedding) cake. It’s beautiful, shiny, mesmerizing,
and huge! Any bachelorette would love to wear it at her bachelorette party.
Caution: It’s so big and beautiful, she may just wear it to the wedding.
You’ll have to get it back from her before then.

Bachelorette Shirt – Last Night Out – Large

Price: 16.99

The Bachelorette’s Last Night Out T-Shirt has a list of dares on it for
random guys to complete and sign, making this one unique Bachelorette
Party shirt. On the list of dares, some of the highlights are: Show me
your 6-pack abs! Time for body shots! You do me…I’ll do you! Grab your
friends and we’ll all dance together Got condoms? If so, blow one up for
me! You create a naughty dare especially for me. With this Last Night
Out T-Shirt, you’ll make sure your bachelorette enjoys a crazy last night
out. Large – One size fits most.

Naked Lady Playing Cards

Price: 3.99

Naked Lady Playing Cards are a must-have for a bachelor party. In this
deck of nude woman playing cards there are 54 different babes. Most of
the naked women are actually attractive. These cards can be fun to have
at a bachelor party because instead of saying deuces are wild you can
say “women wearing shoes” are wild or something much filthier.

Penis Ice Cube Coolers – 6

Price: 3.99

Penis Ice Cube Coolers are a perfect addition to any bachelorette party
cocktail. They will keep your drink cold and not water it down. Also,
Penis Ice Cube Coolers are reusable, so there is an endless amount of
cool penis-shaped fun! Your friends will love them. It is really amusing
to see penises floating and bobbing in your glass. 6 Penis Ice Cube Coolers
come in each package. Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Penis Straws – 10 Penis-Shaped Straws

Price: 5.49

Penis Straws set the mood for a great bachelorette party. Your bachelorette
party guests will love these light flesh-toned plastic Penis Straws. I
like to see the straws when everyone is done drinking to see who the biter
of the group is. Then, we send the straw home with her to warn her man!
We have two types of Penis Straws: these standard ones for daytime parties
and the glow in the dark variety for nighttime parties. Take your pick.
There are 10 per package. You can click on the picture to see the straws
in more detail.

Glow In The Dark Penis Straws – 10 Straws

Price: 5.99

We have two types of Penis Straws: the standard ones for daytime parties,
and these glow in the dark ones for nighttime parties. Take your pick.
The Glow in The Dark Penis Straws are great for slurping drinks at the
bar. There are 10 in each package.

Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan

Price: 10.99

This is the Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan. It is the size of a regular cake
pan. With a single box of cake mix, you can make one of these plus a few
cupcakes for your bachelorette party. Not too shabby. If you are looking
for African American party favors you can make chocolate cake. People
are always asking for black party favors and I wish we had more. I also
wish I had a plate of chocolate cake right now. Yum. This cake pan is
10 inches tall by 6 inches wide by 2 inches deep. It uses about 1/2 of
a box of cake mix. If you’re a cake baking fool, you can bake two cakes
and create a penis layer cake.

Bachelorette Party Hats – 8

Price: 3.49

There are two types of people in this world, those that wear party hats
and those that don’t. Generally, I am a party hat wearer and try to encourage
others to do so. Some people can’t be convinced. It is as if asking, “Would
you like a hat?” is akin to, “Would you like leprosy?” Lighten up. The
Penis Bachelorette Party Hats make the party even better. There are 8
hats in a pack. They feature a rather pink penis with a smile on its face.
It is smiling quite well for a dismembered penis that seems to have a

Purple Pecker Cups – 8

Price: 4.49

These Purple Pecker Cups would make an entertaining way to provide your
guests with containers to put their beverages in! Above the big, pink,
smiling penis, it says. “Bachelorette Party.” Underneath the big, pink,
round balls it says, “The Girl’s Last Night Out.” Your guests will be
laughing too hard to take any sips of their drinks! Classy!

Pecker Paper Plates – 8 Plates

Price: 5.49

These 8 Penis Party Plates are fairly large (9 inches). They have a picture
of a smiley penis on them and are sure to be a hit. While the other plates
are good for cake and crudite (“crude-da-tay,” that’s veggies), these
are good for pizza, pasta, burgers, chicken, and such. Eat, drink, and
be merry. Each package contains 8 plates. Click on the smaller image to
see proof that the package contains 8 plates.

Bachelorette Party Candles – Silly

Price: 3.99

I have a divorced friend, and her marriage had been a huge wreck. After
almost two years of separation, her divorce was finally finalized. We
held a party for her. It was mostly just a girls’ night with a few bottles
of wine. Well, I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so I baked a penis
cake. On top of it, I put some penis candles. My friend loved them. Between
gulps of wine she made such profound statements as, “What could be more
fun than burning some pricks?” “Look, the wick comes out of the pee hole,”
and “Burn baby burn. Disco Inferno!” I guess it was a form of, uh, group
therapy. Click on the image to see a larger picture. Each package contains
6 Bachelorette Party Candles.

Bachelorette’s Last Night Out Balloons – 10

Price: 4.99

Bachelorette’s Last Night Out Balloons are extremely popular party decorations.
Each balloon has “Bachelorette’s Last Night Out” printed on it. The black
color goes with any other decorations you have. When I was younger, my
mom used to tie balloons to my wrist so I didn’t lose them. You should
try this with the bachelorette. She’ll love it. Bachelorette’s Last Night
Out Balloons come in a package of 10.

Look At Naked Guys With This Key Ring

Price: 2.99

Are you looking for some pictures of naked men for the bachelorette party?
If you might want them but you also don’t want to offend anyone, this
is the perfect item. Remember your ViewMaster toy? You put a picture disk
in it and every time you clicked the button a new photo would show up.
This camera is like that, except that it contains pornographic images
of men. There are about eight pictures in it. Your guests will love it.
There could be some major cat-fights over this little toy, so make sure
you get enough for everyone!

Dick Tarts – Penis Candies

Price: 3.79

Sometimes, a girl just needs something to suck on, like a hard candy
or mint. A penis-shaped lollipop is too much, and penis gummy candies
are too chewy and slimy. But what to do … what to do? How will you ever
find a small, tasty pecker for your girlfriends to enjoy? Dick Tarts should
satisfy any guest at your bachelorette party. These little flavored breath
mints are perfect bar snacks, or goody bag treats. We sell the peppermint
dick tarts because we don’t want anyone at the bachelorette party to have
stinky breath. There are 20 mints in each container. They come in peppermint,
orange, strawberry, cherry, spearmint, banana, and cinnamon. Your flavor(s)
will be selected at random.

Bachelorette Party Stickers -Bubble Style – 7

Price: 2.99

The Bubble Bachelorette Party Stickers will be perfect for you and the
girls to slap on before going out and wreaking havoc on the town. The
stickers say Sexy, Crazy, I do?, Bachelorette Party, Flirt, Girls Night
Out, and Bachelorette. The backgrounds have different designs, and glitter
and confetti fill the pocket of air with fun. 7 bubble stickers.

Purple Pecker Centerpiece

Price: 5.49

The Purple Pecker Centerpiece is a very colorful and upbeat decoration
for your Bachelorette party. Let him smile at all the guests like a quiet
host, and he’ll have them laughing aloud. Set him up as a centerpiece,
put him on the table near the goodies, or put him in the bathroom on the
back of the toilet. Stick this not-so-little guy anywhere and create awesome
party entertainment.

Bachelorette Party In A Box – Huge and Easy – Just Like The Men I Like

Price: 54.99

The Bachelorette Party In A Box has everything you might need for the
best bachelorette party ever! This party kit contains over 100 items,
enough for 8 bachelorette party guests. Just look at everything you get!
Contained in the box are: 8 Pecker Sipping Straws 8 Sets of Pecker Party
Ware 1 Pecker Party Serving Tray 1 Table Cloth 1 Flag Banner 8 Paper Hats
8 Paper Cups 8 Paper Plates 8 Napkins 1 Laser Banner 8 Paper Table Place
Mats 1 Bachelorette Party Gift Wrap 8 Bachelorette Party Invitations 1
Bachelorette Party Center “Piece” 8 Bachelorette Party Loot Bags 1 Bachelorette
Party Gift Bag 1 Pin The Macho On The Man Game 1 Penis Ice Cube Mold 1
Nudie Doodle Pad 1 Deck of Nude Male Playing Cards 1 Mystery Gag Gift

Penis Bachelorette Party Veil

Price: 9.99

The Penis Bachelorette Party Veil is obscene. If your friend is a little
bit adventurous, this veil might be the best one for her. Each veil has
small, plastic peckers attached to it. Besides, if you are heading out
for the night and you happen to run into another bachelorette party, you
will feel great knowing that you bought the boldest, baddest bachelorette
veil for your bride-to-be.

Sippy Dick Penis Straws – 6 Jewel-like Penises

Price: 4.49

Sippy Dick Penis Straws are a requirement for your bachelorette party.
These colorful, reusable straws make the party a lot of fun. If I am not
mistaken, this is our seventh type of penis straw. I have written the
description to each and every one of them, and if you want to know my
opinion, Sippy Dick Penis Straws are the best ones. They aren’t perfect,
but they are close. Our only gripe is that sometimes the straws get kinked
up. However, the penis part can be placed on almost any straw, so this
problem is easy to fix. Also, the penis parts fit over the wire rack on
your dishwasher, so you can clean them after the party. Penis straws are
almost an essential item for a bachelorette party and we certainly want
you to have a great party, so we suggest the Sippy Dick Penis Straws.
You can click on the picture to see a larger image. Sippy Dick Penis Straws
come in a package of 6.

“Bachelorette At Play” Caution Sash

Price: 7.99

The “Bachelorette At Play” Caution Tape Sash will warn innocent bystanders
that there is a wild Bachelorette At Play and running loose on the streets.
The bright color and bold lettering ensures that people can read the warning
from as far away as possible. This way, they can order a drink for her
and have it ready, or, if they aren’t able to buy her a drink, they can
find a place to take cover. Remember – safety first!

Bachelorette Sash – Pink

Price: 7.99

The Pink Bachelorette Sash is great paired with any Bachelorette shirt,
or worn so that the Bachelorette can wear whatever she wants, and still
tell everyone at the party exactly who she is. It’s a very soft and feminine
pink silky sash with the word “BACHELORETTE” across its length in big
black letters. This Sash is too cute. Your Bachelorette will love it.

Bridesmaid Sash

Price: 7.99

The Bridesmaid Sash is a classic accessory. It is satiny white, and says
“Bridesmaid” across it in feminine lettering. The text has a nice shimmer.
The Bridesmaid Sash will look great no matter what your bridesmaid is
wearing. We think bridesmaids deserve a little extra attention. Give it
to them with Bridesmaid Sashes.

Maid of Honor Sash

Price: 7.99

The white, glittery Maid of Honor Sash is a great sash if you want to
help the maid of honor stand out a bit. Hey, she helped put this whole
thing together, not to mention all the help she’s given the bride-to-be
with each and every break up since 2nd grade. The Maid of Honor Sash is
very classy and elegant. Perfect, especially if you don’t know what she’ll
be wearing. This sash will match any outfit.

I’m With The Bride Name Tags – 12

Price: 2.99

“I’m proud to be with the bride-to-be,” say these self-stick name tags.
There are a dozen of them. We think they are perfect for bachelorette
parties but they can also be used for bridal showers, rehearsal dinners,
receptions and any other bridal event. No matter where you go, let everyone
know you are with the bachelorette party.

The Ring So Big It’s A Bracelet

Price: 4.49

The Giant Diamond Ring Bracelet is a funny gag gift to give at a bachelorette
party. Whether you give it to the bachelorette to make up for the not-so-big
ring she got, or if you give it away as a prize, everyone at the bachelorette
party will want one. When it comes to engagement rings, my philosophy
is “Go Big or Go Home.” For a while now, we have been selling some ridiculously
large engagement rings for bachelorette parties. We have one called a
100 Carat Ring, a Giant Gem Ring, etc. Of course they are all just plastic,
but they are huge. Well, we have topped them all with this new item. This
is a ring so large you can almost wear it as a bracelet. Look at that
sucker. You can click on either picture to see a larger photo. This baby
is big. If your friend has been flaunting a big rock, give her The Ring
So Big It’s A Bracelet.

Bridal Party Button Set – One For Everyone

Price: 6.99

If you are the maid of honor, we want to give you a little salute. You
are the one that is going through all of the trouble for this party and
rarely do you get appreciated. With the Bridal Party Button Set, at least
you get a button that says “Maid Of Honor.” There are also buttons for
the bride, the mother of the bride, and other members of the bachelorette
party. It is very nice. I think everyone likes to be recognized for their
contributions to the party.

Bachelorette Dares Game – Fun!

Price: 4.99

The Bachelorette Dares Game is a combination of Truth or Dare, a scavenger
hunt, and a card game. The Bachelorette Dares Game has fifty-two different
dares that you and your friends can perform at the bar. They range from
fairly tame to outrageous. We should also mention that almost all of the
dares in this game are easy enough to complete without tons of props.
Other bachelorette party games that we sell are a little bit unrealistic,
but this game can be won. Here are some samples: Order a drink with a
lewd name such as a Horny Girl Scout Get five guys’ phone numbers in case
the groom gets cold feet Ask a guy if you can tell his fortune. Examine
his palm and say, “You are going to buy me a drink.” At a strip joint
put a $5 bill into a stripper’s underpants and ask for $3 in change. The
Bachelorette Dares Game is a fun game for a bachelorette party.

Wedding Trivia Game

Price: 4.99

The Wedding Trivia Game is an easy, fun way to break the ice at a bridal
shower or bachelorette party. You can test your knowledge of wedding trivia,
wedding customs, etiquette, and wedding lore. This deck contains 52 card
with different multiple choice questions. The Wedding Trivia Games is
tame fun. It’s also inexpensive and portable…everything you’ve been
looking for in a bachelorette party game.

The Jumbo Penis Cake Pan

Price: 18.99

This is a Jumbo Penis Cake Pan that is just the right size for a box
of cake mix. We also sell a smaller (we call it Mid-Sized) cake pan by
the same company. This pan is made of fairly thick metal that will require
you to wash, grease and flour the pan before baking. It should provide
you with many years of pecker cake baking services. I think that this
is currently my favorite bachelorette party cake pan. I like it best because
it is exactly the right size to use an entire box of cake mix. The cake
will come out of the pan 14 inches long by ten inches wide by 2 inches
deep. One entire box of cake mix will make a great looking penis cake
using the Jumbo Penis Cake Pan.

What The F*ck? Game – The Original Version

Price: 9.99

What The F*ck? is an amusing drinking game where you try to guess what
the other players are going to answer to the most ridiculous set of questions
imaginable. Questions include: “If you were thrown in jail and had your
choice of cellmates, which of these two would you choose? A. The cross-dressing
arsonist. B. The anorexic gang member. There are over 400 questions in
the game so the party will definitely keep goin. The game includes two
“What the F*ck?” books, three dice, and 24 player tokens (you can use
quarters if you have more than 24 players). The What The F*ck game has
been around for many years and has been very successful. It used to be
called Preposterous Proposals.

Outta Control Award Ribbons

Price: 3.49

These Bachelorette Party Award Ribbons are a stylish addition to your
bachelorette party attire. These can be given out as prizes for your bachelorette
party games. Now you can award your crazy friends with ribbons that say:
Most Outta Control Drinker Most Outta Control Flirt Most Outta Control
Party Girl We all know someone who these could go to, so make sure you
invite them along! Nothing encourages people to misbehave like a prize
and these prizes will guarantee that the bachelorette party is lots of

Outta Control Bingo Game

Price: 5.99

The Outta Control Bingo Game can be played by up to 17 bachelorette party
guests. This fun bachelorette party game includes: 16 player cards Markers
for the caller Caller Board Instruction Sheet If you’ve ever played Bingo
before, you know how much fun it can be, and combined with bachelorette
craziness, this game is outta control. The phrases on the bachelorette
bingo cards are really amusing and this is a great game to play at your
bachelorette party if you are planning on giving out prizes.

Mac-A-Weenie And Cheese – Penis Pasta Mix

Price: 7.99

Penis pasta has always been a big hit at bachelorette parties. Now we
have penis macaroni and cheese. MacAweenie And Cheese is a new item for
us and we think it is pretty darned great. You make it the same way that
you make regular boxed macaroni and cheese. The bachelorette party guests
will eat it up. Really.

Penis Lollipops – Ring Style

Price: 1.79

We sell a few different penis lollipops, but the Edible Penis Ring Lollipop
is my favorite. This lollipop design remedies a lot of problems that the
Lusty Lickers pops have. First, the flavors that this pop comes in are
better. It comes in Grape, Cherry, and Strawberry flavors. The Lusty Lickers
came in strange flavors like Pina Colada and Orange that people don’t
really seem to like very much. Another area where this lollipop is improved
is these lollipops are sturdier than the Lusty Lickers. Lusty Lickers
would often arrive broken while these pops are stronger. Edible Penis
Ring Lollipops are sold singularly in assorted flavors. We apologize that
there is no way to choose your flavor. Be a sucker and get some Penis
Ring Pops today!

Erotic Penis Cake Pan

Price: 10.99

Penis shaped cake pans are a bachelorette party must have! The Erotic
Penis Pan is not the biggest cake pan that we have, but it is fairly large.
The penis shape is about 10″ long and about 6″ wide at the balls. The
pan is non-tarnishing and dishwasher safe. You can use this versatile
pan for gelatin, cakes, cookies, or even as a serving dish.

Flashing Penis Veil

Price: 14.99

Do you want your bachelorette to REALLY get noticed at the club? Then
she will need the Flashing Penis Veil. With the simple touch of a button,
little green, yellow, blue, and pink penises begin twinkling like the
stars in the sky. Okay, they may not be that bright, but it will be much
easier to keep an eye on the bride. The veil attaches to the hair with
a barrette. Click on either picture to see it close up.

Dick Of Cards – A Dick-Shaped Deck of Cards

Price: 6.99

I am really impressed with this Deck…er, Dick Of Cards. This set contains
52 pecker-shaped playing cards that you can use at your bachelorette party.
Although they are sort of hard to shuffle, no girl will mind playing with
these dicks. Every girl will want to show her hand, and no one will be
able to keep a straight face. Go Fish has never been so much fun.

Pecker Inspector Badge

Price: 4.99

“Do you have a license for that gun?” the Maid Of Honor will ask as she
wears the Pecker Inspector Badge. Straight out of the Department of Erections,
this badge will allow you to tell any man to lean against the car and
spread ‘em. The Pecker Inspector Badge works well at the bar, or out on
the town, but don’t try to pull cars over to the side of the road or anything.
You could get in trouble for that.

Pecker Party Straws – Glow In The Dark – 10 Straws

Price: 4.99

No, you’re not seeing double. We do sell two types of plastic glow-in-the-dark
penis straws. Yes, both types have a pecker at the tip. Both types of
penis straws are about 7.5 inches long, and both are colored a translucent
green that glows in the dark. And both come in packages of ten. So what’s
different about the straw sets? These Pecker Party Straws cost $4.99,
while the others cost $5.99. Otherwise, we can’t tell the difference.

What the F*ck? Game – The Raunchy Version

Price: 9.99

Prepare to delve into the inane and unknown with “What The F*ck?”. One
of the only games on the planet that dares to ask your feelings about
straddling a six foot cactus naked. You can play to win. You can play
to lose. Or, you can just play and get drunk. You will have fun either
way. The Raunchy version of the “What the F*ck?” game is sure to have
you and your friends speaking the Queen’s English. What The Fuck can be
played by as few as two or as many as one hundred. It is a fun game for
any adult gathering. This game comes with 400 questions, two books, dice,
game coins, and a glossary for all your innocent friends.

Feather Boa – Lights Up – With Penises

Price: 13.99

The Light Up Pecker Feather Boa is taking boas to the next level. Not
only are the plush white feathers decorated with peckers, the peckers
light up, too. There are yellow, pink, green, and blue peckers. You will
be the talk of the bar if you wear this hot number. The lights have an
On/Off switch. When you turn them on for the first time, you have to make
sure to remove the little clear plastic tab located on the side of the

Penis Pen – A Great Way To Play Games

Price: 1.49

The PENIS PEN is a black inked “balls” point pen that comes in purple,
red, and blue. This would be a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get
laughs out of all the girls at your Bachelorette Party. These would also
make a colorful addition in little gift baskets you might make for your
guests. They’ll be joking and cracking up about these all night. Just
keep the sword fighting down to a minimum. This pen claims, “one size
fits all.” Thank goodness that’s not true in real life, who knows what
we’d be stuck with! They like to be stroked, they’re fun to write notes.
A great gift for a friend, it’s the Penis Shaped Pen!

Penis Party Utensils – 8 Forks, Spoons, Knives

Price: 6.49

Penis Party Utensils are totally fun and incredibly detailed. The utensils
are clear, dark pinkish peach colored. Each handle has a ribbed, wrinkly
textured shaft leading to a plump smooth head. This plastic-ware set seems
a bit sturdier than most regular sets, too. Show your wild Bachelorette
Party guests that you have indefinite class and style as well as a great
sense of humor. They won’t even believe it. You’ll have them laughing
so hard they won’t even be able to eat. This set includes: 8 Forks, 8
Spoons, and 8 Knives.

What the F*ck? – Totally F*cked Up Version

Price: 9.99

The What the F*ck drinking game is the perfect game for a pile of silly
people who want to get really plastered. Sound like your Bachelorette
Party? This game has over 400 of the most f*cked up questions you’ve ever
heard. So it will never get stale, unlike that open beer that you left
in the bathroom. The person having a turn rolls the dice and is read a
question and possible answers from the book corresponding to the roll.
The other players vote on which answer they think was chosen. The drinks
are then handed out to the losers, and there will be a lot of those running
around. I promise. This game is guaranteed to get you and all of your
friends bombed beyond belief. Even the winner, who is declared so by having
the least amount of drinks, will be sleeping on your couch. Here are a
few sample questions to give you an idea of what you’re in for: – Would
you be willing to sand off your nipples for $100, 000? A. Yes B. No –
How would you rather die? A. Get buried alive B. Drown in a giant lake
of snot – What would you rather use as a puppet while performing a show
for your neighbors? A. Moist pieces of cat poo B. Roadkill On that last
one, I think I would pick the cat poo. Why not live a little? What the
f*ck? This game includes two different question books, dice, and playing
chips. Can be played by 2 to 100 drunkards.

Bachelorette Party Drinking Dice

Price: 4.99

Bachelorette Bar Dice comes with two very unique dice that will always
keep you guessing! This is a very fun and crazy game to play with all
the girls in the Bachelorette Party. The first die tells you who drinks.
Each side has a specific rule for calling out the person(s) who has to
carry out the actions. For example, one side makes all the blondes drink.
Another one says the person to the right drinks, or all the brunettes.
The second die tells you what that person(s) has to do. Each side tells
how much they have to drink, what they have to do, or what rules to follow.
Sounds like a guarantee everyone will be having a good time out!

The Flashing Penis Shot Glass

Price: 4.99

The Flashing Penis Shot Glass might be the coolest shot glass we’ve ever
seen, it isn’t cheap though. The Flashing Penis Shot Glass looks just
like a normal shot glass—except for the penis that stands erect in the
bottom! Press the button on the underside of the glass and the penis begins
flashing blue, green and red. This is a great shot glass to take to the
bar for your bachelorette party, or to use at home. Just light it up and
shoot it down! You might want to get a few so your guests don’t get jealous.
Your shot glass will come in either translucent blue, magenta, purple
or clear. You’ll have to order one to find out. The glasses are standard
size and easy to turn on and off. Batteries are included so you’ll be
ready to drink.

The Black Guy Inflatable Doll

Price: 29.99

Think your bachelorette might need one last night of debauchery before
she walks down the aisle? Give her the gift of Tyler Knight. This inflatable
doll comes complete with an 8 inch penis and life-like face. A perfect
gag gift to pass around the party, and who knows, your bachelorette just
might give it a whirl once everyone goes home. I hope she doesn’t. You
know what they say happens…She may never go back. Just a note. This
blow up doll is one of very few African American bachelorette party items.
If you’re throwing a bachelorette party for a diverse crowd, it’s definitely
an item to consider. We hope you enjoy.

Bachelorette Party Dessert Plates for 10

Price: 3.49

These Bachelorette Party Dessert Plates are part of the Girls’ Night
Out series. The Dessert Plates are a perfect size for cake or pre-party
snacks. The plates are pink and black and decorated with stars, confetti
and martini glasses. Each plate reads, “Bachelorette Party.” There are
ten plates in each pack. They look great with the Bachelorette Party Napkins
and the Bachelorette Party Utensils .

Pink Party Utensils – 10 sets

Price: 4.49

Looking for pretty pink utensils to complement your bachelorette party
place settings? These disposable utensils come ten to a pack—enough forks,
spoons and knives for ten hungry guests. The Bachelorette Party Pink Utensils
are simple yet durable. They look great with all the place settings we

Bachelorette Party Invitations – Martini Style – 10

Price: 4.99

Looking for irresistible bachelorette party invitations? The Classy Martini
Invites are decorated with balloons, top hats, rings, confetti and martini
glasses. The cards employ a trendy pink and black color scheme. The text
printed inside makes these invitations easy for you to fill out, and easy
for your guests to read. There are spaces for the name of the guest; the
time, date and location of the party; and who to call to RSPV. There are
ten lovely invitations in each pack.

Bachelorette Party Kit For 10 Guests

Price: 37.99

Planning a bachelorette party complete with dinner and snacks? This Bachelorette
Party Kit has everything you need to throw the perfect party. Serve up
appetizers, dinner and deserts with this multi-use kit. This festive tin
comes packed with: 10 invites 10 cups 10 napkins 10 dinner plates 10 dessert
plates 10 sets of utensils 10 name tags 1 nine-foot long “Bachelorette
Party” letter banner This kit is an easy solution to your bachelorette
party planning needs. The contents are high quality and are sure to impress
your bachelorette!

Bachelorette Sash – Metallic Silver

Price: 4.99

This Bachelorette Metallic Sash will have your bachelorette strutting
her stuff all over the party! This has to be one of the coolest sashes
we have. It has a textured chrome background, the word “Bachelorette”
written in pink, red, and black letters, a kiss mark and a martini glass.
This sash was designed for the girl who loves to party and have a great
time. She will definitely get all of the attention she deserves.

The Perfect Date Doll – Holds Your Beer On Her Head

Price: 21.99

She’s finally here! The Perfect Date Inflatable Doll has everything a
man has ever wanted. Weights on her feet, to keep her from running away.
No teeth 100% Natural Breasts- Always stay perky No female genitalia-
Does away with annoying foreplay She’s 3 feet tall Best of all there is
a hole on top of her head to hold your beer! What more could you ask for?
Did we mention she doesn’t talk back? Click the small images to see other
views of the Perfect Date Blow Up Doll.

Bride-to-Be – Light-Up Necklace

Price: 6.99

The Bride-to-Be Light-Up Necklace has pretty pink and light pink beads
that lead to a pink heart that says “Bride To Be!” in white. Above the
heart, there’s a secret button that, when pushed, activates the flashing
light effects. Your Bachelorette would be so happy to get this adorable
necklace – not to mention all the attention that she’ll be getting from
it, too!

Hottie Whistle Necklace

Price: 1.99

With this hot pink, metallic Hottie Whistle, you and the girls can instantly
alert each other every time a Hottie is sighted! This will keep you all
aware of their locations, so you can plan your route through the bar accordingly.
The Hottie Whistle should never be used for false alarms. Don’t get too
drunk and start blowing the whistle at every guy that has a nose. It will
cause the other girls to come running to see what you’ve caught, and be
very disappointed when they get there. Behavior like this may explain
why your bra ends up in the freezer later! The Whistle conveniently hangs
from a metallic pink beaded necklace, so you and the girls can get as
drunk as you want and never end up losing it. Have a great Bachelorette

Dicky Sipper Penis Drink Bottle – White

Price: 6.99

The Dicky Sipper is not our favorite drink bottle. Although the size
is just about right, there is a problem. Filling the bottle involves removing
the bottom. This takes some care and coordination. Also, if you don’t
screw it together well, it leaks. We like all of the other penis drink
bottles that we sell, though, because they don’t take a leak on your hand.

Pin the Boobs On The Babe Game

Price: 9.99

Pin The Boobs On The Babe is a pefect bachelor party game for fans of
Jugs, Hooters, Beach Balls, Melons…you name it, this game has them.
Each guy gets a paper set of boobs (in the shape of cans, melons, etc.)
and tries to pin them on the picture of the babe. It’s fun. Your friends
will cheat.

Our Simply Elegant Silver Tiara

Price: 8.99

The Simply Elegant Tiara would be good for a Bachelorette that doesn’t
necessarily want her accessories to scream, “Look at me!” This tiara would
also be fun for the maid of honor, the bridesmaids, or even all the girls
at the party to wear. It has a very feminine design, with S-shaped swirls
and hearts along the crown. The sparkly silver color lets you pair it
up with any type of outfit in any situation, and still look like a beauty
queen. The Simply Elegant Silver Tiara is glittery and eye catching, but
not too in your face. This tiara is Simply Elegant.

Bachelorette Party Invitations – Martinis – 8

Price: 6.99

These Bachelorette Party Sparkle Martini Invitations have a unique design.
On the front, in the shape of a martini glass, is a window that shows
metallic pink confetti. Along the bottom is a pink and black doily print,
and above the martini are the words, “Bachelorette Party.” Shake ‘em like
a martini mixer! These invites will catch any guest’s eye! Get ready for
the RSVPs! 8 sparkle martini invitations.

Girls Night Out Napkins – 16

Price: 3.49

The Girls’ Night Out napkins have a classy pink doily edging. The words
“Girls’ Night Out” are written in light pink, dark pink, and black over
a white background. You may want to take a few of these with you to a
bar to write phone numbers on. You know, for the OTHER girls to use…
16 cute napkins – 9 7/8 in. x 9 7/8 in. / 25 cm. x 25 cm. Tip: Matching
“Bachelorette Party” paper plates and “Bachelorette Party Banner” are
available! Mix and match with the “Girls’ Night Out” and “Last Night Out”

Black ‘n’ Pink Napkins – 16

Price: 3.49

These Black ‘n’ Pink bachelorette party napkins are black, pink, white
and festive! The napkin reads “Bachelorette Party!” and the edging at
the bottom is a doily pattern. Cha cha cha! They can be used as a beverage
napkin, passed out with dinner, or used to wipe the drool from their faces
while the “dancer” is doing his thing! 16 napkins – 9 7/8 in. x 9 7/8
in. / 25 cm. x 25 cm. Tip: Matching paper plates and “Bachelorette Party
Banner” are available! Mix and match with the “Girls’ Night Out” and “Last
Night Out” napkins!

Bachelorette Tank Top – White with Pink Gemstones

Price: 19.99

This sweet and innocent White Bachelorette Pink Gem Tank Top is perfect
for the prissy bachelorette. This 100 percent cotton, ribbed white tank
top has the word “Bachelorette” spelled on it with small pink gems. The
bride-to-be can wear this tank top to tea, or to a luncheon, or even to
her in-laws’ home. And if she is really, truly rowdy, she can wear this
tank top out to the bar with her friends. The White Bachelorette Pink
Gem Tank Top comes in size Large. It stretches, so it will fit most wearers.

Maid Of Honor Tank Top – Black with White Gemstones

Price: 19.99

You deserve a reward, don’t you? As the Maid of Honor you have been working
hard to plan and prepare for this bachelorette party. Buy yourself a present.
This Maid of Honor Gem Tank Top will look great, and your outfit can match
the bachelorette’s, too! This 100 percent cotton, ribbed black tank top
has the words “Maid Of Honor” spelled on it with small white gems. The
Maid Of Honor Gem Tank Top comes in size Large. It stretches, so it will
fit most wearers.

Black ‘n’ Pink Party Plates – 8

Price: 3.49

These Black ‘n’ Pink party plates feature the words “Bachelorette Party”
surrounded by a doily design. The festive mood will be everywhere – even
under your food. Basic colors, with a not-so-basic look. 8 paper plates
– 7 in. / 17.8 cm. Tip: This design matches the “Girls Night Out,” “Last
Night Out” and “Bachelorette Party” napkins. Matching metallic “Bachelorette
Party Banner” also available.

Pink Party Tablecloth

Price: 4.49

This Pink Tablecover has an absorbent tissue surface and a waterproof
plastic backing. This cover can fit over one rectangular table, or two
card tables. You KNOW you’re going to want to protect your tables from
the wrath of those crazy drunk women! 54 in x 108 in (40.5 sq ft) / 137
cm x 274 cm (3.75 m sq). Tip: This color will match almost any Bachelorette
Party decorations. Also, matching “Bright Pink” 10.5″ plates, 7″ plates,
and Pink Assorted Heavy Duty Plastic Ware are available.

Wild Night Ahead Invitations – 6

Price: 3.99

Let your bachelorette party guests know what’s in store for them with
these party invitations that read, “Wild night ahead!” These vibrant invitations
will set the perfect mood for an outta control time at your celebration.
Each pack contains 6 invitations and matching envelopes. They are 4 inches
by 6 inches. Each little note will tell your friends when and where your
party is.

Penis Pencil Erasers – 12

Price: 3.99

Penis Pencil Erasers are a great gift for a bachelorette. Each eraser
sits on top of a pencil and can erase any last minute hesitations, cold
feet, or suppressed desires! Just kidding. But it can erase pencil lead.
Sneak into the home of the bride-to-be and top off all of her writing
implements with this amusing gag. Penis Pencil Erasers are an unusual
but useful product, so buy now.

Large Bright Pink Napkins – 50

Price: 5.99

These Bright Pink Napkins are the perfect accompaniment to many of our
dinner plates. Their larger size makes them very convenient. The Bright
Pink Napkins come in a pack of 50 napkins. 50 bright pink napkins – 13
in x 13 in – 33 cm x 33 cm

Bright Pink Plates 10.5″ – 24

Price: 7.99

These extra large Bright Pink Plates are the perfect size for a big dinner.
These plates are festive and will match most of the cups, utensils and
napkins we sell. 24 extra large bright pink plates – 10.5 in – 26.7 cm.

The African-American Inflatable Male Member

Price: 14.99

This African American Inflatable Penis could easily be the most fun toy
at the Bachelorette Party … there’s so much you can do with him! You
can toss him back and forth between girls standing in a circle and play
hot potato willie. You could fill the bathtub up with water and leave
it floating there as decoration. Perhaps even take it out to the bar and
surprise your bachelorette with it. The fun will never end, with this
Black Inflatable Penis! On his head, he even has a hilarious smiling face.
See? He’s friendly! Introduce him to the girls.

Bachelorette On the Loose Balloons – 10

Price: 4.99

The Bachelorette On the Loose Balloons add the final touch to an awesome
looking Bachelorette Party. Each balloon is printed with the words “Bachelorette
On the Loose” and an image of a ball and chain, just to get the point
across. In this package of 10 balloons, you will get 5 pink and 5 silver.
These colors will just about match any Bachelorette Party decor. You wild
girls can even take them out to the bar with you when you’re done at the
party. Contains 10 11″ silver and pink bachelorette party balloons.

Bachelorette On the Loose Name Tags – 12

Price: 3.49

Bachelorette On the Loose Name Tags will break the ice between your eager
party-goers and the hot guys at the bar. They can also aid in helping
you drunkard women remember each other’s names, not to mention your own.
These stickers are pink, black and white. They say “Bachelorette On the
Loose” and have a cartoon picture of a ball and chain. Below that is an
area for each girl’s name. For a Bachelorette Party, I would suggest using
fake names. Maybe stripper names, like Candy, Barbi or Cherry. That, or
your bachelorette can write out hilarious titles for each girl, like Big
Tease, Easy Lay or Horny. This pack contains 12 round sticker name tags.

The Big John Doll With A Vibrating Penis

Price: 44.99

Need a blow up guy doll for you and the girls at the Bachelorette Party?
Look no further! The Big John Blow Up Doll has 7″ inches of vibrating
manhood swinging around, and he is not shy about it. He’ll fulfill your
Bachelorette’s every wish and demand, without one whimper of complaint.
All he wants to do is make her happy, it’s his only concern in life. So,
with that in mind, feel free to dress him up like a construction worker,
a ballerina, a matador, or a pirate and have him entertain you at the
party, bar or club! The best thing is, he only charges one flat rate!
Any additional things you have him do or you do to him, is completely
free of charge! And if you girls can manage to take it easy on him and
not break him the first night, he can hang out with you again and again!
Did we mention that Big John has a vibrating penis? That’s a talent that
all men should have. He takes two AA batteries. Actually, his penis takes
two AA batteries. It is a detachable penis. That is also a talent that
I wish all men had.

Inflatable Sheep Doll

Price: 14.99

The Inflatable Sheep Doll is about the size of a medium-sized dog. It
has a hole in the back of it. It is worth every cent of the (reasonable)
shipping cost to not have to ask for it at a party store. Think about
it. That would be pretty brutal. No bachelor party is complete without
the Inflatable Sheep Doll.

X-Rated Toothpicks – 24 pack

Price: 2.79

Cover all of your bachelorette-themed bases with X-Rated Toothpicks at
your party. I wonder what type of person decides that what the world needs
most is a box of toothpicks that depict people in different sexual positions?
I suppose a person that would plan one heckuva bachelorette party. Each
package contains two dozen toothpicks.

Nude Male Playing Cards

Price: 3.49

Nude Male Playing Cards is a deck of 54 playing cards with naked men
on them. By naked men, we mean really naked men. These are not dudes with
their penises under a towel, these are some naked dudes. Nude Male Playing
Cards are great for bachelorette parties or any girls’ night out.

The Wind-Up Hopping Penis

Price: 2.99

The Wind-Up Hopping Penis hops and jumps when you wind it up. The Wind-up
Peter stands at about an inch high, or maybe an inch and a half when he’s
jumping. Decorate with a couple Wind-Up Hopping Penises on your dinner
table to entertain your guests, or put them in your pinata.

Wind-Up Boobs

Price: 3.49

Wind-Up Boobs are a humorous bachelor party favor. With the turn of a
knob, the Wind-Up Boobs hop across any flat surface. They are probably
the most responsive pair of boobs you will ever find. Also, they are not
attached to a woman that will call you a sexist pig. The box for Wind-Up
Boobs reads, “For ages 3 and up.” It’s good that we’re training them at
a young age these days…because…uh, it’s never too early to have our
boys start appreciating mother nature. Yeah.

Buy Me A Drink Flashing Button

Price: 4.99

The Buy Me A Drink Flashing Button makes sure that the guys all know
it is her last night of freedom and they need to buy her drinks! This
is a pretty straightforward button! It doesn’t let the guy take his sweet
time to figure it out himself. It tells him what to do so he doesn’t have
to think about it. Guys love that. More time for flirting. On the front,
it says, “Here Comes the Bachelorette… BUY ME A DRINK!” BAM! Just like
that. The flashing light catches the attention of their eyes, and in case
they can’t read that well, there’s a PICTURE of a drink there to avoid
any confusion. Ha!

Super Fun Penis Plates – 8

Price: 3.99

As evidenced by this website and many others of it’s ilk, the business
of putting penises on everyday things, is BOOMING. Sadly this is an “in-your-face”
industry with very few subtleties. If you want the joy of having a willy
on your dinnerware without the usual attitude, you’ll love these plates.
The schlongs on these disposable plate are cleverly disguised as hippie
flowers. Spread the love of the sixties, while harboring secret penii.
Raise an eyebrow or two when people finally notice that some of the flowers
have pollen of a different sort. See who picks out the penii and who flips
over the flowers. Turn your Bachelorette party into a miniature Gestalt
Test. Eight Plates Per Package.

Super Fun Penis Napkins – 8

Price: 3.49

You might be asking yourself “What makes a napkin superfun?” Well if
an array of colorful ding dongs and a bright yellow color aren’t fun than
I don’t know what is. Isn’t it also fun that someone took a simple object
like napkins and decided to make them fun. These are napkins decorated
with penises, if that isn’t fun that I don’t know what is. Eight super
fun napkins per pack.

The Bad Bridesmaids Kit – For Your Naughty Friends

Price: 20.00

Are the bridesmaids and bachelorette party guests a naughty bunch? If
so they will enjoy these randy novelties. Included are sixteen cocktail
sippers (2 packs of 8), a box of x-rated fortune cookies, a dozen blow
pops, two dozen adult toothpicks, and a penis shaped mold for jello shots.
Enjoy and behave yourselves. Ha. Ha ha ha.

Black Bachelorette Party Veil – Very Hip

Price: 9.99

Is your bachelorette classy? Contemplative? Sophisticated? Does she have
a penchant for wearing black? This Black Veil just might be for your bachelorette.
This veil is made of black tulle and uses a barrette attachment decorated
with flowers and white pearls. This is the perfect veil for your bride-to-be’s
last night out. Why? Because she will be mourning the death of her former
single self.

Bridesmaid Button

Price: 1.29

Let party guests know who you are with this pink button that reads “Bridesmaid.”
Perhaps people will express their condolences regarding the horrible peach
colored poofy dress you have to wear at the wedding. Maybe they will sympathize
with you for dealing with the bridezilla’s outlandish pre-marriage behavior.
Haha. Don’t hold your breath. Being a bridesmaid is just one of the world’s
thankless jobs, and someone’s got to do it. The Bridesmaid Button is a
must at the bachelorette party.

Bride Button

Price: 1.49

On her special night, it’s necessary for the bachelorette to wear every
item of bride-to-be attire. You will get her either a veil or tiara, perhaps
a t-shirt or a fake, gaudy ring … and this Bride Button will top off
her look. She can wear it during the bridal shower, to her rehearsal dinner,
and of, course to the bachelorette party. She can even wear it to the
office, the grocery store, the gym, the post office, the mall, and while
walking her dog. Yes, your bachelorette can wear this Bride Button all
of the time…just make sure she doesn’t wear it to the wedding because
that might be tacky, with the dress and all.

The Boob Tube – A Boob Shaped Beer Bong

Price: 19.99

Everyone remembers the first time they bonged a beer. And thanks to The
Boob Tube, everyone will remember the beers they bonged at your bachelor
party. Actually, your friends’ memories might be a little fuzzy. But we’re
sure the ridiculous pictures you post on the Internet the morning after
will help your friends recall exactly what happened. Your wild and crazy
friends will love shotgunning beers from the nipple of this giant breast-shaped
beer bong. Use The Boob Tube at the house to get the party started, and
bring it along to the bar to see what kind of trouble you can cause.

Our Cowgirl Hat With A Flower and Veil

Price: 14.99

Hi, there, cowgirl, are you going to a rodeo? No? Oh, you’re throwing
a bachelorette party. You should probably take this cowgirl hat and veil
with you. Your bachelorette will have a great time at the bar in it. Any
bachelorette that sports the Cowboy Hat and Veil will have a rip-roaring
time at her party. This handmade item features a real cowboy hat with
tulle and a big beautiful silk flower attached to it. This hat is super
cute and perfect for any bachelorette who loves country music and down
home style. Help her accessorize her inner cowgirl with the Cowgirl Hat
and Veil. Click on either photo for close up views.

The Autograph Penis

Price: 11.99

By the end of your bachelorette party, the Autograph Penis will be filled
with autographs and silly advice from your fellow party girls, along with
funny suggestions from random hot guys at the bar. The Autograph Penis
will serve as a log of the night’s events. It will remind you of all the
people you want to remember, as well as the ones you would rather forget.
The Autograph Penis has the words “My Bachelorette Party” written on it
in pink. The penis is decorated with purple hearts (aren’t they always?).
The pillow has plenty of space for autographs and comes with a marker
pen. Just in case you were curious, this penis is 12″ long and 4.5″ wide.

Bachelorette Party Beads With Dares In Them

Price: 2.99

Bachelorette party dare beads are perfect if you and your friends are
planning to go to a bar. They are especially great if the bar is of the
meat-market variety. These beads will have all of your friends talking
to strange and somewhat defective men all night long. So what if that
guy is missing his left eyebrow, you scored 10 points by flashing him
your bra. Each string of beads contain six wild and crazy dare cards that
will have your friends scrambling for points. Each string of beads also
includes a condom. I guess that could be useful if the guy with one eyebrow
turns out to be a great catch. These beads come in assorted colors. You
will get either blue, red, green, yellow, purple, black, who knows? If
you order more than one string of dare beads you will probably receive
an assortment of colors. Bead necklace Approx. 16″ long, Game Card pouch
3″x 3″

Drink Master Says – Party Card Game

Price: 9.99

Drink Master Says is the ultimate party in a pack. The game is an exciting
mix of rules and challenges, loaded with non-stop action. Once you start
playing, you may never want to stop! The object of the game is to get
rid of all your cards first. Along the way, you might have to drink with
no hands, balance stuff on your head, or be a part of a burping competition.
Dares, drinking, and laughing at your friends…a perfect game for a Bachelorette
Party, if you ask us. But all of that hard work will be totally worth
when you become “The Drink Master.” My suggestion would be to have a great
prize for the winner to encourage enthusiasm. Something like an inflatable
penis or flashing penis wand.

The Good Girl Bachelorette Party Kit

Price: 19.99

Looking for a great kit for the bachelorette party? Is the bride-to-be
somewhat of a princess? Has she always done the right thing? Is she constantly
dressed in all white with a beaming halo over her head? The Good Girl
Kit may be for her. With these items you can dress her up nicely. Included
in this kit: Our own bachelorette party veil. Nice and full and fluffy.
A Flashing Bride-To-Be Sash. A 100 carat engagement ring. An inflatable
princess wand. Carrying this wand makes magical things happen. Recycled
packaging materials, because Good Girls are nice to the planet. You can
order this entire kit with just a few clicks.

Penis Pinata Bachelorette Party Kit

Price: 29.99

The Penis Pinata kit will be the hit of your bachelorette party! We sell
a few types of pecker pinatas, but this kit includes much more: a pecker
pinata; a dick stick for whacking the pecker; eight loot bags so your
guests can scoop up the candy when the pinata has been busted; and two
blindfolds. The only thing you’ll need to provide is the pinata stuffing.
We suggest candy (try any of our penis-shaped suckers, gum or mints) or
novelties like flashing rings and condoms. This pinata will fit about
three bags of snack-size candy bars. It’s 17 inches tall. This Pecker
Pinata makes a festive centerpiece as well. Place it on your snack table
before the games begin. Then, when you’re ready to play, hang the Pecker
Pinata and let the penis bashing begin. This set contains: 1 Penis Pinata
1 Dick Stick 8 Loot Bags 2 Blindfolds

Leopard Print Cups – 8

Price: 4.99

These Leopard Print paper cups are perfect for the Bachelorette who’s
wild at heart. The hunky men on the cups are just a taste of what’s yet
to come. Have your Bachelorette Party on the WILD side! 8 cups.

Leopard “Let’s Party!!!” Plates – 8

Price: 6.99

If you can’t afford to buy a live naked man to use as a serving plate
at your party, try the Leopard “Let’s Party” Plates instead. The Let’s
Party Plates are leopard trimmed with pink detail. They feature a headless
naked man. Our favorite! 8 plates. They are 9″ in diameter which is dinner
plate size.

Leopard “Let’s Party!!!” Napkins – 20

Price: 5.99

The Leopard “Let’s Party!” Napkins feature a leopard trim and a faceless
half-naked hunk. Imagine wiping your lips on this sexy man’s body. You
might feel bad about getting penis cake frosting on this sexy picture
… but you’ll get over it. 20 napkins per pack.

“A Shot for the Bride to Be” Flashing Shot Glass Necklace

Price: 5.99

“A Shot for the Bride to Be” Flashing Shot Glass Necklace is a great
way to subliminally give hot guys the idea to buy the Bachelorette a shot!
They won’t even realize WHY they’re doing it! I’ll tell you why it works.
The guys who talk to the Bachelorette will check her out, of course, and
probably sneak a few quick glances at her chest. While their eyes are
gravitating toward her breasts, they will see a flashing shot glass with
the words, “A Shot for Me, the Bride to Be” on it. So, ok, that’s not
exactly subliminal, but they’ll know what they’re supposed to do, we promise!

Last Night of Freedom Flashing Shot Glass

Price: 5.99

The Bachelor’s Last Night of Freedom Flashing Shot Glass Necklace will
give him a good reason to jump up on the table, howling like a wolf. Well,
after it’s been filled a few times buy his buddies, that is! This attractive
little shot glass flashes. That’s a good thing. After he stumbles out
of the bar and into the night, you can spot where he passed out in the

Maid Of Honor Button

Price: 1.49

Let your party guests know who you are with the Maid Of Honor Button.
In case of bachelorette party emergencies, like an intoxicated bride or
a fist fight over who won Pin the Macho on the Man, you are easily identifiable.

Neon Pink Tumbler Cups – 25

Price: 2.99

Neon Pink Tumbler Cups are a decorative way to drink exotic drinks, beer,
or even use as ice cream cups. The bright pink color will undoubtedly
go great with the Bachelorette Party theme of the night. Also, they are
reusable and disposable! These hot pink cups are also black light responsive,
making them that much more fun to drink out of. The crazy drunk ladies
at your party will love them. 25 neon pink tumblers.

The Naughty Bachelorette Party Citations

Price: 8.99

Be the bachelorette party authority with this book of Bachelorette Party
Citations. You have the power to ticket dudes at the bar and make them
pay up! Each citation lists crimes and fines for you to assess. Remember,
if a guy really deserves it, you can check off more than one fine. These
citations are a fun, flirtatious way to meet all of the men at the bar.
Examples of crimes include: unlawful use of cheesy pick up lines; blocking
my view of your friend; possession of luscious lips; unauthorized hitting
on the Bachelorette; and drinking too girly of a drink. A few of the fines
include: pay a $1 fine; let me grab your butt; talk dirty to me for a
minute; buy me a drink; give me a lap dance; and dance with the Bachelorette.
The Naughty Bachelorette Party Citations guarantee a fun night out.

The Pink Cowgirl Hat and Veil

Price: 18.99

This pink cowgirl hat is perfect for a country-themed bachelorette party.
This cowgirl hat covers all the bases: it boasts a sparkly, jeweled tiara
attached to the front, and a white veil flowing from the back. Decorated
with silver sequins and a white corsage, this cowgirl hat is fun and flirty.
Your bachelorette will love wearing her pink cowgirl hat while she dances
the night away!

A Pink Bachelorette Party Veil

Price: 9.99

This Soft Pink Veil With White Flowers is a very pretty and feminine
bachelorette party veil. This soft and delicate head piece will make any
bachelorette look like sweet and feminine. The pink veil is gathered at
the top of the head by a short crown of white flowers and beads. Those
white flowers are mounted on a barrette so it will stay in the hair without
causing any trouble.

A Flashing Drink Cup That Says “Sexy”

Price: 3.99

The Sexy Flashing Drink Cup would just add to your awesome night out
that much more. It’s the perfect size for beer or mixed drinks. Fill it
up with your beverage of choice, turn on the flashing lights and it will
jazz up the drink, turning it into your own personal light show. A drunkard’s
dream. This mug is a a favorite among women, not so much for the guys.
If you give flashing sexy mugs to a bunch of drunk women, they’d be so
happy, they might explode. It would be a lot of fun to have the entire
Bachelorette Party crew out there blinking and flashing all over the place.
On the side in red is the word “Sexy” along with a provocative silhouette
of a woman.

Bridesmaid T-Shirt – Size Large

Price: 0.00

Bridesmaid T-Shirt – Medium

Price: 9.99

Bridesmaids are an integral part of the wedding experience. I’ve always
liked to think of them as the understudies. If the bride doesn’t show
up, each bridesmaid can take one step to her left and the wedding can
go on. Each bridesmaid should wear this Bridesmaid T-Shirt to the bachelorette
party, rehearsal dinner, and even to the wedding, if possible. It’s important
to know who’s next in line should anything happen to the bachelorette.
This Bridesmaid T-Shirt is a size Medium. Other sizes are listed below.

Maid Of Honor Tiara

Price: 8.99

Being Maid Of Honor is a thankless job. You will have to plan numerous
events, like bridal showers and bachelorette parties; you will have to
maintain the sanity of the bridal party throughout the engagement; you
will have to listen to the bride-to-be complain; you will have to make
sure everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, goes smoothly. Need a picker-upper?
Try this Maid Of Honor Tiara. This sparkling silver head piece has “Maid
Of Honor” written across it, so everyone will know who to thank for such
a great girls’ night out. You might want to take it off towards the end
of the evening, though, so no one will find you when your party gets out
of control.

Bridesmaid Tiara

Price: 8.99

The Bridesmaid Tiara will make any bridesmaid’s night. Being part of
the wedding party is a big task, so recognizing the bridesmaids will make
them feel very special. Besides, everyone likes to wear tiaras. I wish
I had my own tiara that I could wear all of the time. I also wish that
I had men bowing down to me and some more men feeding me grapes. The sparkly
silver Bridesmaid Tiara is a top-quality crown. It has “Bridesmaid” written
across it, and the design is different from the Maid Of Honor Tiara, so
each member of the bridal party will look unique at the bachelorette party.

Maid Of Honor T-Shirt – Size Small

Price: 9.99

Looking for an inexpensive way to dress up for the bachelorette party
or bridal shower?’s own Maid of Honor T-Shirt is the
perfect way to look super cute and let everyone at the party know that
you’re the hardworking maid of honor. The Maid of Honor Tee is white with
rich pink detail and lettering. A burst of graphic flowers flows over
the front of the shirt, and the words, “Maid of Honor” are spelled out
across the chest. Make it a night to remember with matching tee shirts
that make for great photo ops. We sell this shirt in Bride, Maid of Honor,
Bachelorette, Mother of the Bride Matron of Honor and Bachelorette Party
styles. These stylish tees are a exclusive. Size Small.

Our White Bachelorette Party Cowgirl Hat

Price: 18.99

This White Bachelorette Cowgirl Hat is exclusive to our company. No one
else has one. We know because we manufacture it. The White Bachelorette
Cowgirl Hat is simple yet stylish. This woven cowgirl hat is embellished
with a silver concho on the front. A white corsage and flowing veil decorate
the back of the cowgirl hat. This hat is perfect for the bachelorette
who wants to show off her country roots, or square dance all night long!

Bridezilla Shirt – Large

Price: 0.00

Lip Siren Whistles – 12

Price: 1.99

Lip Siren Whistles will get the job done. You can use them to cat-call
all of the guys at the bar. What a change of pace! Bring these Lip Siren
Whistles to your next bachelorette party. You will receive 1 dozen of
them for this price.

Donate a Penny to Help Prevent Suicide and We’ll Donate a Dollar

Price: 0.00

Donate 1 penny to prevent suicide and we will donate $1.00. PriveCo is
commited to helping people in need. When we began our business in 1998
we decided to offer a charitable contribution matching program. Unlike
other programs that match your donation evenly, we match your donation
by up to 100 times. Our small company (now six employees) has contributed
over $14,000 to charity. It is difficult to determine which charity or
charities should receive our donations and which should not. We start
with the Better Business Bureau list of approved charities. We are a BBB
member and we trust their organization completely. The next step is to
determine what type of charity to support. Our research has found that
suicide is a serious problem. Suicide afflicts the young but affects many
others. The death of a young person is a very tragic thing that hurts
friends, families and communities. Suicide prevention is quite successful.
Many people who have thought about suicide and decided against it did
so because of the kindness of others. Suicide prevention organizations
are good at what they do and what they do is worthwhile and productive.
We also feel a special connection with suicide prevention. Our business
success is based upon the prevention of embarrassing situations. We offer
products that people would rather not talk about and our business is successful
because now folks don’t need to talk about it. Unfortunately, suicide
works the other way. People often don’t discuss their thoughts of suicide
because they are embarrassed. This usually works out the wrong way. Suicide
prevention organizations face the same challenge we do. They want to remove
the embarrassment from a situation. Finding a BBB approved suicide prevention
organization is not as easy as you may think. Only a small number of brave
groups tackle this problem directly and even fewer do it efficiently.
We are happy to have found an organization in our state the we work with.
They are called Common Ground Sanctuary and you can find out more about
them here . Our company is commited to working with Common Ground. Here
is our pledge. If you pledge to donate at least one penny with your order
we will donate one dollar . You are welcome to pledge more than a penny
and we will donate your additional amount as well. Don’t worry, we keep
the receipts and post the thank you letters from Common Ground here. It
is a courageous thing that the people at Common Ground do. To answer a
single hotline call must take an enormous amount of bravery and commitment.
We hope you will join us in our support of their group.

A Leather Whip – Rule The House!

Price: 4.99

Oh, yeah? Who wears the pants in this relationship now? The person with
the whip, that’s who. If you think your friend is in danger of letting
her man get out of hand, why not buy her this whip? It should keep him
in line. This whip is made from real leather and you can actually crack
it. Be careful. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Mardi Gras Beads – One Dozen Strings

Price: 3.99

Mardi Gras Beads are a classic, must-have item for the girls night out.
Usually we have the gold, green, and purple combination beads. The strands
are 33 inches long and lots of fun. Beads make perfect prizes for the
bachelorette party games you will find on our website. You will receive
12 necklaces for this price.

A Ring Pop

Price: 0.69

These Ring Pop lollipops come in a few different flavors: cherry, strawberry,
watermelon, grape, green apple, and even blue raspberry. You don’t get
your choice. It will have to be a surprise. You can click the picture
for a closer view. In case you are interested, each ring pop is only 70
calories and contains no fat. They are practically a health food … practically…

Weener Kleener – Soap To Clean Her New Penis

Price: 7.99

Weener Kleener Soap solves that age old bathing dilemma and adds a “hole”
new dimension of pleasure and fun to the shower or bath. It’s soap, with
a hole in it, that you put around the penis to stroke it clean with. I’m
not supposing it will be used with good hygiene in mind, but I guess it’s
a good excuse to have it in the shower. If the Weener Kleener gets stuck,
soak area with cold water. Large or small or inbetweener, nothing beats
a cleaner weener!

A Satin Blindfold – Perfect for Playing Pin the Macho on the Man

Price: 4.99

A black blindfold with an elastic strap. Having a blindfold readily available
makes playing pin the macho on the man easier, quicker, and more fun.

Edible Underwear for Her

Price: 3.99

Edible Underwear are a classic gag gift. Someone will inevitably give
a pair to the bachelorette, so it may as well be you. Edible Undies are
not exactly my choice in bedroom cuisine. In fact, they taste pretty terrible
and turn your teeth red. I might look into the chocolate body frosting
instead. Includes: One pair of undies for her. One size fits most.

Porn for Women Book – Hilarious!

Price: 12.95

Porn for Women is a candid book full of colorful photos of guys in the
most enticing situations and positions ever! This is way more sexy than
seeing them shake their junk in g-strings at a strip club! The Cambridge
Women’s Pornography Cooperative (CWPC) was created by women, for women,
in 2005 to redefine the way we look at pornography. Their mission is to
recover the term “pornography” from gold-chained, heavy-chested, leisure
suit wearing, mouth-breaking knuckleheads, and reclaim it for the rest
of us. CWPC members have opted to keep their membership roster unpublished,
out of concern that their colleagues in academia, medicine, and the media
may still have under-developed senses of humor. They hope this book will
change that. This would make a great gift for a Bride-to-Be or a friend
who is already married. She would laugh so hard at this one!

The Sexual Position of the Day Book

Price: 9.95

The Position of the Day Book features different sex positions for each
day of the entire year. That’s 365 ways to get your groove on with your
lover. Whoever made this book must be a very lucky person. That, or they
did some intense research. I wouldn’t mind that job. This book offers
couples of all kinds, interesting new ways explore each-other. Each position
named something funny. Like Bombs Bursting In Air, The Manwich, So You
Liked the Lasagna, Tarzan, Meet Jane, Hiding the Salami, Missionary Impossible,
and 359 more where that came from. From now on, you’ll never be caught
doing the same position twice in a row. A definite fun book to have around
the house. The Position of the Day Book could make a giggle-inducing addition
to any Bachelorette Party. Just look through with your friends and have
a chuckle, or you could even make a game out it. Pick out a selection
of positions, and see who can guess which ones the Bride-to-be has done
or not yet. See who’s birthday has the nastiest picture on it, and they
get to give out shots to other people. Or maybe, pick out a month and
see who’s done the most of them. The winner could get some sort of prize.
Also, you should buy that girl a drink, she’s awesome. Approx. 4 1/2″x

Penis Shotglass Beads

Price: 2.99

This is a product that melds the joy of Mardi Gras and the raunchiness
of manhood into one smooth golden package. This necklace’s charm is a
golden shotglass with the male member as a handle. It’s sure to garner
a lot of attention, though you might get sick of perverts offering to
“fill you up” then pointing to the shotglass. While tradition has it that
women have to work for beads, these are beads that work for women. They
carry your shotglass, bring the attention, and serve as your “bling” for
the evening. Buy some for the entire group to show your solidarity or
to not be the only one with a penis necklace.

A Giant, Phony Engagement Ring

Price: 1.99

The Giant Engagement Ring is a fun bachelorette party gift. It is a great,
big, plastic engagement ring. Everyone knows bling is in. Accessories
are the new necessity! This ring makes a fun gag, especially if your annoying
friend has been showing off her diamond a little too much. The Giant Engagement
Ring comes in a random shape: either a heart, a rectangle, or a round
cut. The round ring is shown. Click the image for a closer look. One Ring.

Sexy Ice Cube Tray – Small

Price: 3.99

The small Sexy Ice Cube Tray makes 8 realistic penis-shaped ice cubes.
Your penis ice cubes will be highly detailed, with distinct veins, balls
and heads. These sexy ice cubes will have all your guests oohing and ahhing.
Want to please the bachelorette with something a little bigger? Try the
large Sexy Ice Cube Tray , which makes four large realistic penis-shaped
ice cubes or jello shots.

Make A Giant Penis Ice Sculpture – 10 Inches by 7 inches

Price: 11.99

Creating a sculpture from the Giant Penis Ice Sculpture Mold will have
a huge impact. Unlike a jello mold that only has one side and is flat
on the top, this mold makes a 3-dimensional ice sculpture. The two piece
mold design is ingenious. Not only does it make a big, fat, round penis
with balls, but it does so in a way that won’t leak water into your freezer.
Unlike our smaller ice sculpture mold which is made of rubber and has
to be muscled off of the ice, this one is easy to remove. After one night
in the freezer, your ice sculpture will be done. You take it out and run
hot water all over the mold. As soon as you can pull apart the two halves
your sculpture is done. You can add food coloring or Kool-Aid to the mold
to make a colored sculpture. Pam, our warehouse manager, suggests using
Ocean Spray Mango-Orange Juice in the mold to make a flesh-colored ice
sculpture that is really pretty. Pam likes her Mango-Orange with a vodka
punch. Don’t put booze in the mold, though, because alcohol will prevent
it from freezing.

Girls’ Night Out – Gift Bag

Price: 2.99

The Girls’ Night Out Gift Bag is the a perfect carrier for those funny
little items you picked up for your Bachelorette! It has a pink lace print
in the background, set against the words “Girls’ Night Out” in print next
to a big martini glass. The handle is even made of metallic purple beads
to add to the fun. 8 in. x 9 in.

Glowing Pecker Beads – Necklace

Price: 4.49

Even if the party isn’t being held on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras beads are
still appropriate for a wild time. These Glowing Pecker Beads glow in
the dark and in the presence of black lights. If you are going dancing,
why not bring these pecker beads with you? What will a man have to do
to get your beads?

Risque Bachelorette Party Pack – For 8 (Includes Invitations!)

Price: 9.99

The Risque Bachelorette Party Pack is a simple and inexpensive collection
of naughty bachelorette party supplies for your bachelorette party. These
matching items are a quick and easy way to get your bad girl bachelorette
party theme started. You get 8 of all of these items: Cake Plates Napkins
Balloons Invitations Envelopes All for a good price. It’s not a bachelorette
party unless it’s risque.

X-Rated Fortune Cookies

Price: 4.49

X-Rated Fortune Cookies are cute and humorous. They are a fun item for
an adult’s birthday or bachelorette party. We opened a package here in
the office. Mine told me that my lucky number was 69-69-69-69. How did
it know? Each package contains about 6 cookies.

Super Fun Penis Candy – 3 oz.

Price: 3.49

Now Super Fun Penis Candy comes in a larger size!! WOO HOO!! Just in
case there weren’t quite enough little penises for you to chew on in the
small package, now you can opt to get this large and satisfying bag of
100 penises! You can leave these out in a candy dish at the Bachelorette
Party, give them out as prizes, include them in gift bags, or just give
them out to your party guests! 3 oz.

Bachelorette Party Pecker Ring Toss

Price: 5.99

Playing ring toss is just a little bit more fun at a bachelorette party.
We like this glow in the dark Bachelorette Party Ring Toss because it
is very reasonably priced and just as much fun as the larger penis ring
toss games that we sell. You can place this penis ring toss game on the
floor or on the table. The Bachelorette Party Ring Toss is perfect for
the bar.

Peckermints Breath Mints

Price: 4.99

PeckerMints Breath Mints are tiny penises that you suck on. I know you’re
thinking you’ve done this before and it wasn’t that great, but I assure
you that PeckerMints provide a much better experience. PeckerMints have
a tasty mint flavor and and are sure to please every mint or penis aficionado
at your bachelorette party. Pecker Mints come in a cute purple tin and
contain approximately 50 mints per package.

Last Ride for the Bride Cups – 10

Price: 4.29

Serving drinks at the bachelorette party? Whether you’re serving up sangria,
fruit punch or whiskey cokes, the whimsical Last Ride for the Bride Cups
are sure to entertain your bachelorette and your guests. The Last Ride
for the Bride Cups are white and feature purple princess lettering. On
the cup you’ll see a wild party taking place, complete with male strippers
and excited party guests. The scantily clad bachelorette is riding the
mythical cockbeast — well, ok, we made that up, but she’s riding a giant
penis that’s saddled up like a horse. These cups depict a cute, racy take
on a Disney fantasy. We hope your party is just as great as the one you
see here on the cup. Check out the matching plates and napkins for the
perfect bachelorette party place setting. Ten 12 oz. cups.

Last Ride For the Bride Plates

Price: 3.99

Serving pizza, finger foods or cake at the bachelorette party? The Last
Ride for the Bride Plates are nice, sturdy, 10 inch plates that will hold
all the food your guests can elegantly cram in their faces. The Last Ride
for the Bride Plates are white and feature purple princess lettering.
On each plate you’ll see a wild party taking place, complete with male
strippers and excited party guests. The scantily clad bachelorette is
riding the mythical cockbeast — well, ok, we made that up, but she’s
riding a giant penis that’s saddled up like a horse. These plates depict
a cute, racy take on a Disney fantasy. We hope your party is just as wild
as the one you see here on the plate. Check out the matching cups and
napkins for the perfect bachelorette party place setting. Ten 9 inch plates.

Last Ride for the Bride Napkins

Price: 2.79

Things are bound to get dirty at your bachelorette party. With all the
penis pops, pecker cake, and drinks flying around, you’ll probably end
up covered in all sorts of cream and sauce and miscellaneous goo, all
by 7pm. Use these Last Ride for the Bride Napkins to wipe your hands and
face before someone snaps your picture! The Last Ride for the Bride Napkins
are white and feature purple princess lettering. On each napkin you’ll
see a wild party taking place, complete with male strippers and excited
party guests. The scantily clad bachelorette is riding a mythical cockbeast
— well, ok, we made that up, but she’s riding a giant penis that’s saddled
up like a horse. These napkins depict a cute, racy take on a Disney fantasy.
We hope your party is just as fun as the one you see here on these napkins.
Check out the matching plates and cups for the perfect bachelorette party
place setting. 10 small napkins per package.

The Last Ride for the Bride Party Pack

Price: 10.99

Need full place settings for your party? Grab the Last Ride for the Bride
Party Pack. It contains cups, plates and napkins for 10 people. Buying
the set is cheaper and easier than purchasing all the components separately.
Plus, this set is durable and super cute! The Last Ride for the Bride
Party Pack items are white and feature purple princess lettering. On the
cups, napkins and plates, you’ll see a wild party taking place, complete
with male strippers and excited party guests. The scantily clad bachelorette
is riding the mythical cockbeast — well, ok, we made that up, but she’s
riding a giant penis that’s saddled up like a horse. The Last Ride for
the Bride Party Pack depicts a cute, racy take on a Disney fantasy. Make
your party just as awesome as the one you see here with the The Last Ride
for the Bride Party Pack.

Blow Pops – 12

Price: 1.99

I had forgotten how tasty Blow Pops really are. Even the grape one is
pretty darn good. Grape isn’t quite as good as the watermelon or the cherry,
which are my favorites, but it is pretty darn good. Green apple is a take-it-or-leave
it for me. Some days I am in the mood for green apple, some days not.
My favorite part of eating Blow Pops is when you get to the gum. Right
after you chew it off of the stick and there are still some candy crystals
in it to add super flavor. That is the best part of the Blow Pop. As much
as I like the Blow Pops, I will refrain from eating them all so that we
can sell them to you. Have fun at the party.

Limo Bachelorette Party Cups – 10

Price: 4.29

If you’re serving punch, beer or soda at your party, pick up a pack of
these cute Limo Bachelorette Cups. The Limo Bachelorette Cups feature
a cool design. A violet limo carries the bachelorette party: an African
American bride, a couple of strippers, and two bachelorette party guests.
The party guests on the cups are scantily clad and having a great time.
Contains 10 cups.

Limo Bachelorette Party Plates

Price: 3.99

If you’re serving pizza, cake, or tapas at your party, you’ll need plates
for your guests. These Limo Bachelorette Party Plates are the perfect
size for dinner or snacks. The Limo Bachelorette Plates feature a cool
design. A violet limo carries the bachelorette party: an African American
bride, a couple of strippers, and two bachelorette party guests. The party
guests on the plates are scantily clad and having a great time. This package
contains 10 plates, which are 9 inches across. These plates aren’t the
sturdiest – they will hold appetizers or pizza better than a plate of

Limo Bachelorette Party Napkins

Price: 2.79

You can’t deny it: food and alcohol means sloppy bachelorette party guests.
Short of hosing them off outside, there’s not much you can do. Oh, wait!
You could get these Limo Bachelorette Party Napkins. The Limo Bachelorette
Napkins feature a cool design. A violet limo carries the bachelorette
party: an African American bride, a couple of strippers, and two bachelorette
party guests. The party guests on the cups, plates and napkins are scantily
clad and having a great time. 10 small napkins per package.

Do You Know Your Groom? Quiz Book

Price: 6.99

The Do You Know Your Groom? Quiz Book is a book of 100 questions that
test how well the bachelorette knows the man she is about to marry. The
questions in Do You Know Your Groom? are fun, inquisitive and illuminating.
The bachelorette will answer questions like: Has the bachelor ever been
in a fist fight? Which one of her relatives does he like best? Would he
consider getting a tattoo? To play this game, have the bachelorette fill
out the multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. Then, have the
groom correct her answers. This is a great game for a bachelorette party
or for a Jack and Jill party. Note: If you have the bride-to-be take the
Do You Know Your Bride? quiz at herbachelorette party, get together with
the groom beforehand and have him fill out the quiz. That way you’ll be
able to compare his and her answers without his presence at the party.
For a Jack and Jill party, pick up the Do You Know Your Bride? Quiz Book
as well. 100 questions.

Official Bachelorette Badge

Price: 2.99

The Official Bachelorette Outta Control Badge gives your bachelorette
the license to let loose. This cute badge is shaped like a police officer’s,
but with the words “Official Bachelorette Outta’ Control” blazed across
the front. It’s also decorated with red and pink heart gems. The Official
Bachelorette Badge will go with any outfit and lets everyone know your
bachelorette is in charge.

Glow Bracelets – Form a Glowing Ball!

Price: 8.99

These Glow Bracelets will be a big hit at your bachelorette party, whether
you’re heading to a bar or meeting up for a picnic outdoors. The Glow
Bracelet set contains lots of glowing pieces, which are essentially bendable
glow sticks. These pieces glow in all sorts of bright, neon colors. You
can attach some glow sticks to form glowing bracelets for your guests
to wear, and attach others to form a big glowing ball to play with. This
set is great to play with while dancing at the bar, or during an outdoor
party after the sun sets. The Glowing Bracelet and Ball set is easy to
activate and stays glowing for hours. 50 pieces, including connectors.

Glowing Shot Glasses – Set of 6

Price: 6.99

The Glowing Bachelorette Shot Glasses are awesome! This set contains
six shot glasses that glow, just like glow sticks. They come in bright
neon colors: orange, aqua, blue, pink green and yellow. You’ll get one
of each color in your Glowing Bachelorette Shot Glass set. These glasses
are easy to activate (just pop the bottom) and the glowing effect will
last for hours. These bachelorette party shot glasses make great party
favors. You can use the Glowing Bachelorette Shot Glasses inside or outdoors
for a great, glowing party. The Glowing Bachelorette Shot Glasses are
nice because they’re fairly inexpensive and serve six people. They’re
fun to use and will look awesome at your party.

African American Penis Balloons – 8

Price: 3.99

Here at, we love African American bachelorette party
items. These Pecker Party Balloons make a great bachelorette party decoration.
When I was a kid, I used to love the clowns that could make animals out
of balloons. I would take them home (the balloons, not the clowns) and
try to keep them for weeks, even though they would always shrink and get
wrinkled. You can imagine my excitement when we received these African
American Pecker Party Balloons. Each package includes 8 bouncy balloons
that are 22″ when fully erect. These naughty balloons make a great bachelorette
party decoration, and I’ve had one on my desk for some time and it hasn’t
gotten wrinkled at all. These African American Pecker Party Balloons are
a very nice brown color. You may feel kind of silly blowing these balloons
up, but it is well worth it. Check out our bachelorette party ideas and
advice page for a cool bachelorette party game that you can play with
these balloons. We have included pictures and step-by-step instructions.

Gummy Boobs

Price: 5.49

Make sure everyone at your party gets to at least second base with the
Gummy Boobs. You can grope and suck these tiny Gummy Boobs all night without
worrying about getting slapped or dragged out of the bar by bouncers.
The Gummy Boobs are sweet and soft. They come in an erotic rainbow of
fun and fruity flavors. Your bachelor will appreciate every single one.
1 package Gummy Boobs; contains about 34 pieces.

Succulent Hard Willies – Penis Hard Candies

Price: 5.99

This nice tin is filled with lemon, lime and strawberry flavored penis
shaped hard candies. Treat your Bachelorette Party guests to these funny
little treats and add to the fun. Or you could even just hand them out
to unsuspecting friends or coworkers and see how long it takes them to
realize what they have in their mouth. These would also look very decorative
in a nice serving dish set out on the counter. After all, making sure
your guests are having a good time is the duty of a good hostess, right?
You know they’d love these.

Mini Peni Candles – 7

Price: 4.49

The Mini Peni Candles add a little extra something to your bachelorette
party cake. And that something is called penis. The Mini Peni Candles
come in an array of colors: red, blue, purple, yellow and green. These
pecker candles make your cake look festive and ready for any bachelorette
occasion. 7 candles per package. Approximately 1 inch tall.

Light Up Bling Rings – 6

Price: 8.99

The Light Up Bling Rings are way cooler than any real engagement ring
your bride-to-be might be flossing. Why’s that? The Light Up Bling Rings
are huge. These babies are at least five carats of durable pink plastic.
Not only are they ginormous, but they light up! Can your bachelorette’s
ring do that? Make your bachelorette and party guests feel like queens
for the day with the Light Up Bling Rings. They’re adjustable, so everyone
can wear one. 6 rings per package.

Black Penis Erasers

Price: 3.99

Don’t be alarmed: these Penis Erasers don’t actually ERASE penises. Penises
are here to stay. Instead, the Penis Erasers are simply penis- shaped
erasers that top your pencils. With a Penis Eraser, you can turn an ordinary
pencil into a raunchy lead machine. Each package contains 12 brown penis
erasers. Pass them out as party favors or put them on the pencils you
use to play games at the bachelorette party.

Champagne Bottle Poppers – 12

Price: 1.99

Do you trust your friends to decorate your house with small explosives?
If so, these are for you. These Champagne Bottle Poppers shoot out small
streamers and are a real blast. Sometimes, when I am a little depressed,
I head out to the warehouse and pull the string on one of these. Bang!
I suddenly feel much better. You can do that one dozen times if you wish.

Our Favorite Stripper Pole

Price: 129.99

The MiPole Professional Dance Pole is’s favorite stripper
pole. This dancing pole is sturdier than any other pole we carry, which
allows you to perform all kinds of spins and moves. The MiPole Professional
Dance Pole is easy to install (and to remove). You can put it up for your
party, and take it down immediately after; no one will be the wiser. The
MiPole Professional Dance Pole is the at-home stripper pole that is the
perfect choice for both beginners and expert dancers. Dance in your living
room or workout in your bedroom. Perform for a partner, spin at parties
with your friends, or practice your routines on your own. The MiPole Professional
Dance Pole is perfect for a bachelorette party. Each guest can take a
turn dancing and practicing spins. Play some sexy music and see what happens.
However you choose to use it, the MiPole Professional Dance Pole provides
you with an amazing new way to feel totally irresistible while you exercise.
It’s a great gift for your bachelorette. Features: Sets up and breaks
down in five minutes Includes a bag, pink boa and pasties Finely-wrought,
slot-together pole sections, featuring smooth joins and a chrome finish
for a pro-level pole-dancing experience Extendable top section for ceilings
up to 9 feet in height Easy one-person installation Includes a handy Carry
& Storage Bag The MiPole Professional Dance Pole will be a great addition
to the bachelorette party, and beyond.

Penis Pacifiers

Price: 2.29

Penis Pacifiers make great party favors. Give them to your bridesmaids
to keep them from complaining about not being the bride. Trust us, it
works. Each Penis Pacifier is about the size of a regular pacifier, and
socially acceptable to use at a bachelorette party.

Risque Party Balloons – Lots of Penises On Them

Price: 3.49

When I was a child one of my hobbies was to get a bunch of helium balloons,
tie notes on their end, and send them out into the world hoping against
hope for a response. Sadly enough, I never got a single reply, and this
can be partially attributed to my poor penmanship, but I think it’s because
my balloons were boring. No one laughs at plain old red balloons, but
EVERYONE will laugh at these new party balloons decorated with Mr. Happy
himself. I’ve gotten back to my old interest and the response is startling.
Ben Zurawski of Ann Arbor, Michigan writes “Thank you for the note, but
more so for the side splittingly funny balloon.” If these balloons can
put a stranger into shock and awe then just imagine what they’ll do to
your Bachelorette Party. They are high quality and accompanied with silly
phrases. The only downfall I could imagine would be that you have too
much fun! Ballons come eight in a pack with a rainbow full of colors,
any more than that would be illegal in most states.

The Limo Bachelorette Party Pack

Price: 10.99

The Limo Bachelorette Party Pack is sure to impress your hungry guests.
Decorated plates and cups add a great touch to your serving table. The
Limo Bachelorette Party Pack features a cool design. A violet limo carries
the bachelorette party: an African American bride, a couple of strippers,
and two bachelorette party guests. The party guests on the cups, plates
and napkins are scantily clad and having a great time. The Limo Bachelorette
Party Pack contains 10 plates, 10 cups and 10 napkins.

Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans – 6

Price: 5.49

So, you want to make some penis cupcakes. You’ll need penis cupcake pans
or molds. When you’re done with them, we’re sure you want to store them
in your cupboard next to your Williams and Sonoma Frittata Pans and Silicone
Baking Sheets. Or maybe you don’t want evidence of your penis cupcake
baking expertise? Yeah, we thought as much. Get some of these cheap disposable
cupcake pans. The Disposable Pecker Cupcake Pans come six to a pack and
make cute little penis-shaped cupcakes. The pans are three inches long,
with the widest point being 2 inches across. If you’re planning on feeding
a lot of people, you may want to buy more than one pack of cupcake molds.

Two Mid-Size Disposable Pecker Cake Pans

Price: 6.79

If you don’t think you’ll be needing your Pecker Cake Pans after the
bachelorette party, the Mid-Sized Disposable Pecker Cake Pans are a great
way to go. These pans are perfect to hold a box of cake mix. You can decorate
each penis cake separately, or stack them to make a double decker penis
cake. Once you are done creating your penis cake masterpiece, just stuff
these disposable pans deep in your trash basket, under the egg cartons
and banana peels. No one has to know about your wild bachelorette party!
The penis-shaped cake is a bachelorette party essential. Make yours with
the Mid-Size Disposable Pecker Cake Pans. Two 10″ disposable pecker cake

Pecker Poppers

Price: 1.99

The Pecker Poppers are one of our favorite bachelorette party items.
These penis-shaped poppers are loud, fun, and full of confetti. How do
they work? The Pecker Poppers are inflatable. Simply inflate your Pecker
Popper by placing your mouth on the straw on the bottom and blowing. They
are very easy to inflate. Then, grab the balls, give them a good squeeze,
and watch the pecker pop! The Pecker Popper will make a loud noise and
confetti will explode from the tip of the penis. Get a Pecker Popper for
everyone at your party. They’re easy and lots of fun. After you pop the
Pecker Poppers, you can use them to decorate your party. 1 Pecker Popper
per package.

Candy Pecker Palz Sucker

Price: 1.79

The Candy Pecker Palz Suckers have their arms outstretched to give your
tongue a big hug! These tasty suckers are a little different than the
others we carry. The Candy Pecker Palz have a basic penis shape, but have
arms and a cute little face. This makes them a lot cuter and friendlier
than other penis suckers we’ve seen. The Candy Pecker Palz Suckers make
great party favors. You can put one with each place setting if you’re
serving food, or you can place them in loot bags or a pinata for your
guests to take home. The Candy Pecker Palz come in red, yellow and green.
You will receive your color(s) randomly.

Bachelorette Party Ware – Penis Utensils – 8 sets

Price: 4.99

How good are these knifes, forks, and spoons for a bachelorette party?
Here is a little story that explains the utility of Bachelorette Partyware.
One day, we ordered hot turkey sandwiches here at the office. Well, we
had run out of plastic knives and forks days earlier. Tom, the boss, grabbed
some bachelorette party ware off the shelf and dared everyone to either
eat their mashed potatoes with their hands or with penis forks. It was
pretty funny to watch Tom and Shawn eating with these forks. The hot turkey
sandwiches were pretty good, but I needed a nap afterward. Bachelorette
Partyware is a set of 8 knives, 8 forks, and 8 spoons all with penis handles.
This is a brilliant product that earns our highest praise.

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bar Crawl

Price: 72.99

Planning a night out at the bar for your unforgettable bachelorette party?
Make shopping easy with’s Bar Crawl Party Pack. The Bar
Crawl Kit includes an inflatable penis; an array of bar games; penis lollipops;
accessories to dress up your bachelorette; shot glasses and Mardi Gras
Beads. This is everything you need to show off your bachelorette guests
for a wild night out! The Bar Crawl Party Pack includes: The Captain Pecker
– A huge inflatable penis, which measures up at 6 feet tall. Take this
to the bar and dance the night away with the captain. You’ll have very
memorable photos, and you’ll meet lots of people. Bachelorette Dares Game
– Like playing a truth or dare combined with a scavenger hunt. You can
complete the Bachelorette Dares Game in any bar. The dares range from
easy fun to outrageous adventures. Bachelorette Party Citations – These
citations are a fun, flirtatious way to meet all of the men at the bar.
Examples of crimes include: unlawful use of cheesy pick up lines and unauthorized
hitting on the Bachelorette. A Penis Pen – Use this penis-shaped pen with
your Bachelorette Party Citations. Bead Necklace with a Shot Glass – The
33-inch string of beads has a fully functional shot glass hanging from
it. Giving the bachelorette one of these necklaces guarantees she won’t
have to pay for a single shot. Light-up Mega-Carat Ring – The Light-Up
Mega-Carat Ring is a great way for your Bachelorette or the entire Bachelorette
Party to draw mega attention! If you twist the gem, a bright red light
beams out of it. Flashing Bride-to-Be Sash – Another attention-grabber.
The Flashing Bride To Be Sash is a festive sash that’s dotted with lots
of flashing red lights Mardi Gras Beads – These 12 strands of beads help
your guests stand out. Maid of Honor Button – A pink button decorated
with a heart and purple lettering. Everyone will know who to thank for
the awesome party! Hottie Whistles – A metallic pink whistle and beads
that helps you point out all the cute boys you find. Penis Lollipops –
8 penis-shaped lollipops on rings, just like ring pops. These tasty treats
come in assorted flavors and are bachelorette party essentials. The Bar
Crawl Party Kit is an easy and inexpensive way to make sure you have everything
you need for a fantastic night on the town.

You May Now Fuck the Bride Thong

Price: 9.99

Looking for an indecent way to dress up your bachelorette? Try the You
May Now Fuck the Bride Thong! This thong makes a great gag gift. And who
knows, she may even wear it for her new husband on her honeymoon. This
thong is a size medium. It’s black with white lettering, and is made from
100% cotton.

Mr. Stud Inflatable Love Doll

Price: 24.99

Looking for a male guest of honor for your bachelorette party? If you’re
like me, you prefer the strong, extremely silent type, with an eight inch
penis. If you share my preferences, Mr. Stud is the man for you. Mr. Stud
is a life-like blowup doll with an 8″ penis and realistic, full-color
face. Note: Mr. Stud’s penis isn’t a dildo, but an extension of the blowup
doll. Blowup dolls are great for the bar, and as giant floaties at pool

Penis and Heart Cookie Cutters

Price: 5.95

Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Starsky and Hutch. Harold
and Maude. Girls and diamonds. Coffee and cigarettes. Penises and hearts.
Some things just belong together. These Penis and Hearts Cookie Cutters
make cute little cookies that will have your guests salivating and masticating
in no time. Your more straight laced guests can nibble on the hearts,
while your wild guests can gobble the penises. Frost your cookies creatively
for even more fun. Each cookie will be fairly small, so you can make lots
of them. Enjoy!

Outta’ Control Flag Banner

Price: 2.99

The Outta’ Control Flag Banner can frame ceilings, decorate doorways,
or turn your average staircase into something festive. The Banner says,
“Bachelorette Party Outta’ Control” on it, because that’s exactly how
it’s gonna be. Banners like this create an atmosphere of fun and fun is
what bachelorette parties are all about.

Furry Handcuffs – Hand Cuffs With A Little Fur

Price: 3.99

These Furry Handcuffs are a very hot little toy for you and your lover
to play with. They snap to size to maximize the fantasy, while the velvet
soft red fur around the wrist bands make sure that you get to fully enjoy
yourself. Watch your lover go crazy, seeing you restrained and victim
to their will. Maybe they’ll get off of the couch more often. The Furry
Handcuffs also come complete with two keys. This way, if you don’t happen
to know your lover all that well yet, you can give one to them and keep
one nearby. So your experience will not only be a rowdy good time, but
a safe one, too. Rev up your night, and give them something to remember.
Or you can even use these cuffs as a great party favor. Picture your entire
Bachelorette Party crew, running around from bar to bar, linked together
in a long line by these cute little furry cuffs. The pictures alone would
be worth it. (See Bachelorette Party Camera) Especially the one of you
all doing shots at the same time. You could take the party out on the
dance floor and conquer it, then lead a dance train around the entire
bar. No one would ever be able to forget that night out. Get wild and
have fun.

A Penis-Shaped Beer Bong – The Dong Bong

Price: 19.99

Looking to surprise your bachelorette and party guests with something
totally wild? The Dong Bong is an ingenious invention that will have your
guests begging to knock back beer after beer. The Dong Bong is a beer
bong just like any other—only the beer shoots into your mouth by way of
a giant flesh toned penis. The Dong Bong will make your party memorable.
Or maybe you won’t remember it at all.

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Bestsellers

Price: 64.99

The Bestsellers Kit is full of’s bestselling bachelorette
party products. This bachelorette party set includes attire to dress up
your bride, decorations, penis candy, penis straws and games. The Bestsellers
Kit includes: Tickeled Pink Sash and Tiara Set – This pink tiara and sash
both say “Bachelorette.” Get your bachelorette tons of princess worthy
attention with this hot getup. Bead Necklace with a Shot Glass – Get your
bachelorette tipsy with the Shot Glass Necklace. If she wears this to
the bar, she won’t have to buy a single shot. Corset Invitations – 8 classy
bachelorette party invitations. Our most popular set. Silver Bachelorette
Party Banner – Decorate the house or bar with the 4 yard long Silver Bachelorette
Party Banner. Very festive. Kinky Sex Position Balloons – Turn up the
heat at your party with these sexy balloons. Each balloon features couples
in all kinds of crazy positions! Naughty Toilet Paper – Place this hilarious
toilet paper in your guest bathroom. Your partygoers will love it! I.D.
Buttons – Dress up the girls at your party with these bestselling I.D.
Buttons. They say things like, “I’m the Bride,” “Party Animal,” and “I’m
in Charge.” Penis Pops – Six penis suckers for your wedding party. Super
Fun Penis Candy – Six packs of penis candy. These make great party favors
for your guests. Pecker Straws – No party is complete without penis straws.
Start sipping! Jello Shot Tray – This penis jello shot mold makes 4 large
jello shots or ice cubes. Pin the Macho on the Man Game – Our best party
game, by far! This game is tons of fun at any bachelorette party. Make
bachelorette party kit shopping easy with the Bestsellers Kit. It’s got
everything you need for the perfect party.

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Drunken Night In

Price: 74.99

If you’re planning an at-home bachelorette party, you’ll need decorations,
drinking recipes and supplies, games, and candy. To make your shopping
experience a breeze, pick up The Drunken Night In Kit. The Drunken Night
In Bachelorette Party Kit contains everything you need for that wild house
party that your guests will be talking about for years to come. The Drunken
Night pack includes: Multicolored Pecker Party Balloons – Decorate your
house with the Pecker Party Balloons. Rainbow Pecker Straws – The Pecker
Parties are a bachelorette party must-have. Serve your mixed drinks with
pecker straws and hilarity ensues. Two Penis Shotglass Necklaces – Give
your bachelorette and maid of honor these shot glasses to make sure they’re
never without their favorite alcohol. Pecker Dooby Boppers – The Pecker
Dooby Boppers are hilarious. This penis tiara will make for some great
pictures. Willie Name Tags – The Willie Name Tags are silly and fun. Each
willie has a different shape and length. Pink Pecker Drink Shaker – Mix
your shots in style with the Pink Pecker Drink Shaker. X-Rated Shots Book
– This book of naughty shots is one of our bestsellers. Jello Shot Cups
– Everyone loves jello shots. There are 25 jello shot cups and lids in
this set. Peckermints – The Peckermints are tasty treats that all of your
guests can enjoy. Penis Pop Bouquet – No bachelorette party is complete
without some kind of penis pop! The Penis Pop Bouquet is lovely, tasty
and raunchy. Pecker Ring Toss – The Pecker Ring Toss is a glow-in-the-dark
ring toss game that’s fun to play inside or out. Pin the Macho on the
Man Game – Our bestselling game is dirty and festive. This is our favorite
game. It’s fun without being too graphic. The Drunken Night In Kit is
an easy and inexpensive way to make sure you have everything you need
for your at-home bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Kit – The Sophisticate

Price: 69.99

The Sophisticate Bachelorette Party Kit helps you throw an unforgettably
swank bachelorette party for your high-class bachelorette. This is the
perfect kit for the bachelorette who would be offended or annoyed by a
penis-themed bachelorette party. This bachelorette party kit includes
a black tank top, an elegant tiara, stickers and balloons, a game, invitations,
and much more. The Sophisticate Kit contains: Bride Tank Top with Gems
– The Bride Tank Top is a black tank with white gems that spell out bride.
This tank is classy and understated, and comes in a stretchy size large.
Bachelorette Tiara – This tiara is silver with sparkles. It spells out
Bachelorette and wears just like a headband. Pink and Black Balloons –
These soft pink and black balloons come in a package of six. Use them
to decorate your entryway or ask if you can put them up at the bar. Bubble
Stickers – These bubble stickers match the pink and black theme, and are
decorated with martinis and confetti. Stick them on your partygoers’ clothes
or on gifts for the bachelorette. Wedding Trivia Game – The Wedding Trivia
Game is an easy, fun way to break the ice at a bridal shower or bachelorette
party. You can test your knowledge of wedding trivia, wedding customs,
etiquette, and wedding lore. Wedding Ring Shot Glass – The Wedding Ring
Shot Glass looks like a giant diamond ring, but opens up to reveal a hiding
place for the bachelorette’s favorite liquor. Pink and Black Banner –
A festive banner that spells out “Bachelorette Party” in big, shiny, metallic
pink letters. Peckermints – These penis-shaped mints are tiny and tasty.
They’re a great gift for the bachelorette or you can put them out on your
snack table. Martini Glass Invites – The Martini Glass Invites our some
of the best here at There are 8 invitations, each with
white, black and pink detail and confetti-filled martini decorations.
Mini Martini Shot Glasses – The Martini Shot Glasses come in a set of
three. These sparkling glasses turn a regular shot into something special.
Martini Glass with Veil – This adorable silver and pink sparkling martini
glass has white veil attached to it, and a message on the cup’s brim letting
everyone know that it’s definitely a “Girls’ Night Out!” Pick up the Sophisticate
Kit for one-stop shopping at

Pin The Macho On The Man Game

Price: 9.99

You are blindfolded, and your friends are laughing and spinning you round
and round. In your hand is a paper cutout of a fish. You can hear someone
reading a dirty limerick. You search aimlessly for a spot on the wall.
As you hunt for the target the cumulative effects of alcohol, your spins,
and the laughter take their toll. You are lost. Girls are laughing and
cheering making you believe you are about to trip and fall. You finally
reach the wall, stick the trouser trout to the first surface you touch
and remove the blindfold. Victory. It was a perfect crotch-shot. You have
just won a game of Pin the Macho on the Man! Pin the Macho on the Man
is a must-have if you are looking for a great bachelorette party game.
People always ask us, “what should I buy?” and we always answer, “Pin
the Macho on the Man.” The game includes the Macho Man Poster (24 x 36
inches) and 25 units to pin. That means you can have up to 25 players.
The units come in different shapes: hot dogs, trouts, barber poles, snakes
and all sorts of tubes, poles, and sticks. They are cute without being
graphic and they are fun to use. The Macho Man himself is cute … but
he is no Brad Pitt. You will have to supply your own tape and blindfold.
Otherwise, Pin the Macho on the Man has everything you need in a bachelorette
party game.

Bachelorette Party Candies – Great Pinata Filler

Price: 2.99

These Bachelorette Buttermint Cream Candies taste great and look festive.
Their wrappers have pink, green and black designs, like zebra print, stars
and squiggles. Each candy wrapper says something fun like Let’s Party,
Bachelorette Party and Last Walk on the Wild Side. The Bachelorette Buttermint
Cream Candies work perfectly as pinata filler. Throw the Buttermints in
the pinata with nips of liquors, chocolates, condoms, vibrating bullets
and anything else you can think of. Or you can set them out on your snack
table. These mints are mixed with buttercream and have a rich, creamy
mint flavor. The Bachelorette Buttermint Cream Candies are handy to keep
in your purse, so your breath doesn’t smell like the collection of random
shots you’ve been drinking all night.

Neon Pink Plastic Martini Glasses – 10

Price: 6.99

The Neon Pink Plastic Martini Glasses add some sophistication to the
Bachelorette Party. However, the bright pink color also gives away your
secret: you just want to party. And party you shall. Yes, a night of worry-free
partying, knowing that you won’t be suffering the pain of cleaning up
broken glass the next day—with a hangover. If you are serving chocolate
or Kahlua-style drinks, I would suggest putting toothpicks through little
chocolate eggs and using them to garnish your martini (a fresh take on
olive garnished martinis). You could even use chocolate kisses; they’re
about the right size. 10 neon pink plastic martini glasses.

Candy Necklaces – 1 Dozen

Price: 3.99

Here is an item that has been a smash hit. Everyone loves Candy Necklaces.
They are so convenient if you get the munchies at the bar. For this price,
you get a dozen of them. That should look nice in everyone’s goody bag.
See our “Ideas and Advice” category for an idea on how to have a candy
necklace eating contest.

Bachelorette Party Kit – Next Best Thing to a Stripper

Price: 69.99

The Next Best Thing to a Stripper Bachelorette Party Kit is the party
set to purchase when you love the idea of getting a stripper for your
party, but don’t really want some random naked dude in your house. This
Bachelorette Party Kit contains lots of penis-shaped items (ice cube tray;
lollipops; a penis-dotted veil) and lots of products that feature naked
dudes (a Pin the Macho on the Man Game; Nude Playing Cards; Naked Guy
Plates, Invitations, Balloons and Napkins). By the end of the night, all
of your guests will be completely over the naked male form! This kit includes:
Blue Balls Penis Ice Cubes – Blue Balls Ice Cube Trays make 16 penis-shaped
ice cubes or jello shots. 6 Glowing Shot Glasses – This set contains six
shot glasses that glow, just like glow sticks. They come in bright neon
colors: orange, aqua, blue, pink green and yellow. Naked Guy Plates, Napkins,
Balloons and Invitiations – The Party Pack for 8 is decorated with a silly,
hunky cartoon dude who is perched on top of a cake. He makes a great imaginary
stripper. 6 Lusty Lickers Penis Pops – Lusty Lickers are part pacifier,
part lollipop, and shaped like penises. The Lusty Lickers Penis Pop comes
in a variety of flavors and colors. Dicky Charms Necklace – Honor your
bachelorette with this scrumptious candy necklace. Nude Male Playing Cards
– A classic bachelorette party item! Nude Male Playing Cards is a deck
of 54 playing cards with naked men on them. By naked men, we mean really
naked men. Pin the Macho on the Man Game – Our bestselling game is dirty
and festive. This is our favorite game. It’s fun without being too graphic.
Naked Men Camera – Look at some naked men with this little key chain camera.
When you look through the viewfinder and click the button, different pictures
pop up. Hilarious! The Naughty Veil – Dress up your bachelorette with
this white tulle veil, which is lined with tiny, colorful metallic penises.
Harry the Cheap Date Blow Up Doll – Harry is a great last date for your
bachelorette. She will fall even more in love with her husband after carrying
around Harry’s ugly mug all night. Dress him up or … let it all hang
out. The Next Best Thing to a Stripper Bachelorette Party Kit is an awesome
kit to wow and tantalize your bachelorette and your guests.

Peppermint Peckers – Like Altoids But Shaped Like Dicks

Price: 5.49

Patty Piper picked a pack of Peppermint Peckers perfect for Polly Pitt’s
bachelorette party. When people picked a Pecker from the polished package
they pigged out, promptly panting with peppermint pungency. Prevent pizza
and pastry perfume! Purchase Peppermint Peckers for your bachelorette
party, and participate in perpetuating this potent Peppermint Pecker.
Mmm! Each tin contains about 20 mints.

Bachelorette Party Double Dick Centerpiece

Price: 3.49

Need a wild and fun decoration for your bachelorette party? Try the Bachelorette
Party Double Dick Centerpiece. This distinctive table topper will look
great surrounded by snacks and treats. The Double Dick Centerpiece reads
“Bachelorette Party Outta Control.” Two large 3-D dicks are on either
side of the text. The item stands about 10 inches high. This centerpiece
is a good sized item that won’t take up your whole table, but will definitely
be noticed and appreciated.

Sexy Party Confetti – Penis Confetti

Price: 3.49

Confetti adds sparkling fun to any party. My mom loves to use it for
every occasion. She puts it in cards or invitations that she sends out;
she sprinkles it all over the party table; she even uses it to add flair
to desserts! Sexy Party Confetti is perfect for decorating anything at
your bachelorette party. Look closely because this bachelorette party
confetti comes in playful shapes. The confetti comes shaped like penises,
boobs, dudes, and in other sexy designs. You won’t mind showering the
bachelorette with Sexy Party Confetti!

Penis Mardi Gras Beads

Price: 3.99

I remember the first time I went on Spring Break. My girlfriends and
I had such a wild time club-hopping, drinking, and meeting new friends.
One night we went to a club that celebrated Mardi Gras every night of
the week. There was also a contest for Mardi Gras Beads. The guys were
given a handful of beads and the girl who had the most at the end of the
night received a free trip back to the island. I cannot give away my secrets,
but by the end of the night I had about 40lbs of beads around my neck.
I thought that would be enough to win, but sadly the winner beat me by
three strings. Oh well. I’ll bet if I had these Penis Mardi Gras Beads
they would have put me over the top. These Penis Mardi Gras Beads are
a great addition to your next bachelorette, birthday, or Mardi Gras party.

Picture It – A Drawing Game

Price: 10.99

The Picture It Bachelorette Party Game is a lot like Pictionary, only
especially made for bachelorettes and their guests. This is an awesome
game for bridal showers or at-home bachelorette parties. The Picture It
game includes 75 Bachelorette themed “Picture It” cards, an hour-glass
timer, 1 pad of paper, 1 pencil and an official rules card. The Object:
Players need to guess the clues drawn on a piece of paper to correctly
identify the final word. By doing so, the team gains points. The first
team to reach 15 points wins the game. One correctly guessed word is equal
to 1 point. You can play this game with lots of people, so it’s perfect
for bachelorette parties.

Deluxe Dirty Minds Game

Price: 26.95

Looking for a massively entertaining game for your party? Dirty Minds
– Deluxe Edition is the new and expanded 15th anniversary edition of the
World’s Cleanest Dirty Game. Dirty Minds is a perfect game for your bachelorette
party guests to play, either to break the ice or to get to know each other
better. Dirty Minds is the game of naughty clues, which give you surprisingly
clean answers. The object of the game is to collect game cards by guessing
the correct clean answers to the Dirty Minds clues provided. The first
person to spell the word “D-I-R-T-Y” with their collected cards is the
winner. Examples of Dirty Minds clues: You slide me in a slit to get me
hot. Your gooey liquid fills my holes. You eat me in the morning. The
answer: A Waffle. Dirty Minds – Deluxe Edition will surprise you with
its witty clues and answers. Made for two or more open-minded adult players.

Bachelorette Party Kit – Pizza Party

Price: 64.99

The Pizza Party Bachelorette Party Kit is a must-have for a fun bachelorette
party dinner. This bachelorette party kit contains festive penis-covered
place settings and party decorations, as well as penis lollipops, straws,
ice cube trays and cupcake tins. Also included is a pretty bachelorette
party veil to dress up your bride. A Wedding Veil – Our own Bachelorette
Party Veil dresses up your bride-to-be. It uses a full yard of fine nylon
tulle and attaches using a barrette. Dressing up your bachelorette is
important at any party. Penis Candy Bouquet – This Penis Candy Bouquet
will look great displayed in the middle of centerpieces or candy dishes
at your Bachelorette Party. Bachelorette Party Table Cloth – Cover your
dinner table with penises. Big Penis Plates – Eight cute and raunchy plates,
the perfect size for pizza slices. Big Penis Cups – These cups work well
for soda, mixed drinks or beer. Big Penis Napkins – The Big Pecker Napkins
will have your guests smiling every time they wipe their mouths. Penis
Partyware – The Penis Partyware is subtle and hilarious. Use it to cut
into your pizza, spear your salad, and scoop your ice cream. Pecker Straws
– The Pecker Party Straws are a bachelorette party must-have. Serve your
mixed drinks with pecker straws and hilarity ensues. Penis Cupcake Molds
– The Penis Cupcake Molds make cute penis-shaped cupcakes or jello shots.
Blue Balls Penis Ice Cubes – Blue Balls Ice Cube Trays make 16 penis-shaped
ice cubes or jello shots. Penis Balloons – Each package includes 8 bouncy
balloons that are 22″ when fully erect. Big Pecker Banner – The Big Pecker
Banner features pink and purple cartoon style penises. It matches the
plates, napkins, tablecloth and cups. The Pizza Party Bachelorette Party
Kit is the easiest way to pick up everything you need for a dinner-themed
bachelorette party.

Sexy Man Cake Pan

Price: 19.95

Looking for one hot guy to attend your bachelorette party? Add a little
sexy testosterone to your delicious cake with the Sexy Man Cake Pan. The
Sexy Man Cake Pan has more muscles than the bride’s future husband ever
will. Give her a chance to experience one last real man before she settles
down. The Sexy Man Cake Pan will fit one box of cake mix. Bake him according
to the package’s directions and enjoy watching his muscles bulk as you
cook him. Frost him creatively—you might need some strawberry frosting
to showcase his rippling veins! 1 reusable cake pan per package.

Bachelorette Bar Challenge Game

Price: 6.99

The Bachelorette Party Bar Challenge game is designed for a bachelorette
party that is going to be at a bar. The bachelorette will have to perform
several dares and probably be humiliated before the night is over. It
is perfect for going to the “meat market” type of bar with lots of dudes.
The point of the game is to make the bachelorette do silly challenges
to earn five special cards. Once she earns the cards, she can make the
other members of the party drink shots. It is a fun game, especially if
you are going to the bar to socialize. Check out our comparison test on
all our bachelorette party card games on our ideas and advice page to
see how this game rates with others found on

Pecker Pinata

Price: 19.99

The Pecker Pinata invites you to give it a whack! You can fill it with
goodies, like candies, toys or shot bottles of different liquors. The
Pecker Pinata is one rewarding pecker and makes for a great game at any
bachelorette party. Plus, how funny would it be to see your friends whacking
a big penis with a stick? The Pecker Pinata will enliven any crowd, and
it’s a great way to take out any aggression before the big day.

Bridesmaid Tank – Pink with Gemstones

Price: 17.99

Celebrate the hard work of all the bridesmaids with the Pink Bridesmaid
Tank with Gemstones. This cute tank is bright and feminine, with gemstones
that spell out “Bridesmaid” across the chest. The Pink Bridesmaid Tank
is well-made and looks great at home or in the bar. For a stylish look,
try highlighting your bride in our Black Bachelorette Tank with Gemstones
, and dressing your bridesmaids in Pink Bridesmaid Tanks. The contrast
will look awesome in photos! The Pink Bridesmaid Tank with Gemstones is
a stretchy size large.

Bride Tank – Pink with Gemstones

Price: 17.99

The Pink Bride Tank with Gemstones is one of our favorites. This high
quality tank top is fun and flirty, and will make every bride-to-be feel
special. The versatile Pink Bride Tank can be worn to a bachelorette party,
to a bridal shower, or on the day of the wedding while the bride-to-be
is pampered at the salon. The Pink Bride Tank is a size Large. It’s stretchy
and will fit a range of women.

Bridesmaid Tank Top – White with Silver Gemstones

Price: 17.99

The White Bridesmaid Tank Top is adorned with silver gemstones that spell
out the word “Bridesmaid” in a pretty, whimsical font. Traditionally,
bridesmaids look a little dowdy in their generic dresses at the wedding,
especially next to the glowing bride. Why not let them shine in these
cute tanks at the bachelorette party or bridal shower? The White Bridesmaid
Tank Top Silver Gemstones is a great way to honor one or more bridesmaids.
This tank comes in a stretchy size large.

Maid of Honor Tank – White with Gemstones

Price: 17.99

Dress up the maid of honor with the White Maid of Honor Tank. This white
tank is fitted and stretchy. The White Maid of Honor Tank features silver
gems that spell out, “Maid of Honor.” This is a great tank that highlights
the maid of honor and her hard work. It is a stretchy size XL. The White
Maid of Honor Tank fit our 5’5″, 120 pound model with a little slack,
to give you an idea of size.

Bachelorette Iron-On

Price: 3.49

Feeling crafty? Make your own bachelorette party shirt or tank with the
Bachelorette Iron-On Bling. The Bachelorette Iron-On Bling says, “Bachelorette
Outta Control” in pink gemstones. The Iron-On Bling can be used on any
fabric or style of garment, from bandannas to jeans to shirts—even pillowcases.
Use the bling on one shirt for the bride-to-be or buy a few and wear matching
shirts. Contains: 1 Iron-On.

The Wedding Ring Pin

Price: 6.99

The Wedding Ring Pin adds some demure sophistication to your bride-to-be’s
ensemble. The Wedding Ring Pin is a broach that pins to anything she wears—her
shirt, jeans, purse or hat. The Wedding Ring Pin was made to look like
a blinging engagement ring. The ring itself is silver, featuring a large
“diamond” surrounded by smaller ones. The Wedding Ring Pin just one more
accessory that will make your bachelorette look amazing on her big day.

Bachelorette Party Tank – Black with Gemstones

Price: 17.99

The Black Bachelorette Party Tank is fun and festive. Your bachelorette
(or any of your guests!) can wear it at a house party, to the bar or at
a bridal shower. The Black Bachelorette Party Tank is a stretchy size
large. It features gems that spell out “Bachelorette Party!”, as well
as a gem applique martini glass. This is a really cute, well-made shirt.
Your bachelorette and guests will love it.

Bachelorette Party Sash – Black Rhinestone

Price: 15.99

Looking for something different? The Silky Black Rhinestone Sash is sophisticated
and sexy, and stands out from traditional white and pink bachelorette
party wear. It’s perfect for your fashion forward bride-to-be. The Silky
Black Rhinestone Sash is really sharp. This high-quality sateen sash boasts
the words “Bachelorette Party” across the front in rhinestone applique.
You’ll also find a festive martini glass, complete with a green olive
and red swizzle stick, embossed on the sash. The Silky Black Rhinestone
Sash is a little pricier than our other sashes, but it’s designed to be
sturdier and silkier than the competition. This sash will easily last
through all the bachelorette’s parties, showers and bridal events.

Bachelorette Party Sash – Pink Rhinestone

Price: 15.99

Pretty in hot, hot pink! The Silky Pink Rhinestone Sash is sharp and
sophisticated. This high-quality sateen sash boasts the words, “Bachelorette
Party” across the front in rhinestone applique. You’ll also find a festive
martini glass, complete with olive and swizzle stick, embossed on the
sash. The Silky Pink Rhinestone Sash is a little pricier than our other
sashes, but it’s designed to be sturdier and silkier than the competition.
This sash will easily last through all the bachelorette’s parties, showers
and bridal events.

Bachelorette Party Sash – White Rhinestone

Price: 15.99

The Silky White Rhinestone Sash is sharp and sophisticated. This high-quality
sateen sash boasts the words, “Bachelorette Party” across the front in
rhinestone applique. You’ll also find a festive martini glass, complete
with a green olive and red swizzle stick, embossed on the sash. The Silky
White Rhinestone Sash is a little pricier than our other sashes, but it’s
designed to be sturdier and silkier than the competition. This sash will
easily last through all the bachelorette’s parties, showers and bridal

Bachelorette Party Window Decals

Price: 3.99

The Bachelorette Party Window Decals are perfect for decorating any window.
You can use these Window Decals in your home, or in the car or limo you
are taking on your girls’ night out. The Bachelorette Party Window Decals
are super cute. They feature lips, martini glasses, caution signs, noisemakers
and a heart that says, “Party Girls.” The pink, red and yellow color scheme
is bright and draws attention to your bachelorette party. The Bachelorette
Party Window Decals are easily removable and reusable. Contains 1 sheet,
with 15 decals.

Penis Shaped Snack Tray

Price: 5.29

A Penis Shaped Snack Tray is a great bachelorette party idea! At every
party, even bachelorette parties, guests migrate straight to the hors
d’oeuvres. This penis snack tray is the perfect size and shape to give
your guests maximum eating pleasure. This tray is an excellent choice
for your party, whether you’re slaving over fancy appetizers or simply
serving chips. For some extra laughs, try serving snacks on this tray
the next time your boyfriend has his friends over. It may just permanently
eliminate you from snack duty!

Penis Pop – The All Day Sucker

Price: 1.39

The All Day Sucker comes in a great shape, is a good size, and the price
is phenomenal. This Penis Pop weighs 1 ounce, which makes it even larger
than a ring pop and equal in size to the popular Lusty Licker Pop. So,
with proper care this product could live up to its name. Of course, you
know your girlfriends are suction machines, so theirs won’t last more
than a couple of hours. These bachelorette party penis pops come in three
flavors: cherry, strawberry, and orange. Which flavors you will get is
anybody’s guess.

Willie Nametags – 10 pack

Price: 4.79

These fun, Willie-shaped nametags are great for Bachelorette Parties,
Birthday Parties, and Over The Hill Parties. But please, try not to fight
over them, there’s plenty for everyone. Instead of fighting over them,
how about playing a little game? Everyone secretly writes down what they
believe to be the length of the Groom’s Willie in inches! The Bachelorette
has to reveal the true size, and whoever is closest, without going over,
gets to pass out all of the namebadges to whomever she chooses! If she
guesses the length exactly right, it just has to be a coincidence, doesn’t
it?! If there is a tie, each winner picks her namebadge, and then they
pass out the leftovers. Now, how is that for an organized group activity?
Each sheet has 10 name tags.

Penis Noisemakers

Price: 4.99

If there’s a problem with the penis (and believe me it’s as close to
perfect as it gets) is that it’s awfully quiet. A penis can do a multitude
of things, but it can’t make noise. The closest thing nature provided
to the perfect penis was the Penis Noisemakers. In one four pack of penis
noisemakers, you’ll get closer to perfection than most humans even dare
to dream. When these fourteen inch pythons unleash their length and primal
scream it will seem as if all is right with the world. Adorning the noisemaker’s
sheath is a parade of Penii and Sperm embracing their evolutionary excellence.
It seems as if they’ve been waiting for this forever. If further proof
is needed look at the small smiling penis, and notice that he is giving
a thumbs up. As if perfection wasn’t enough. These noisemakers also make
great party favors and can be used to celebrate almost any occasion. If
that still isn’t enough they come in four distinctive colors.

Captain Pecker – 6′ Blow Up Penis

Price: 19.99

A Blow Up Penis really sets the mood for a crazy, off the charts, wild
bachelorette party, doesn’t it? Especially when it’s a 6 Foot Tall Blow
Up Penis. We like to call him Captain Pecker, The Party Wrecker! Every
bachelorette party should have a six foot tall inflatable penis. It might
be a little embarrassing to carry into a bar, but we suspect that after
a few drinks, you will be introducing it to people as your new best friend.
Be sure to take lots of pictures, because you won’t want to forget the
precious memories of your night out with 6 feet of inflatable penis. We
will note that when they measured this penis, it must habe been done by
a guy, because by our measurment it is 5 feet 8 inches tall. Just like
a guy to claim his penis is about 4 inches shorter than it really is.

Penis Water Gun – Squirt Some Guy In The Eye!

Price: 5.49

This bachelorette party Penis Water Gun is good for party rituals. You
probably know that it is customary to give prizes to your guests who win
your Bachelorette Party Games, but what do the losers get? Give ‘em a
good ol’ squirt in the eye, of water of course, with this Penis Water
Gun! The best part about this gun is that it stays 8 inches long even
when it’s wet!

The Naughty Tiara

Price: 10.99

This Naughty Bachelorette Party Tiara is a silver head piece with red,
blue, pink, and purple penises topping the crown. From far away, one might
not realize that the colorful decorations are actually penises. But, when
they get a little closer, they’ll be wondering if you’re crazy, or just
attending a bachelorette party! Perhaps a little of both, eh? Well, this
tiara is perfect for the girl who wants to be silly without having to
have a large blinking penis on her head to do it.

Naughty Penis Cocktail Stirrers – 16

Price: 6.29

Naughty Penis Cocktail Stirrers make the simple act of stirring one’s
drink into a decorative and laughable experience. They’re one of those
special little touches that adds to the fun you will all have at the Bachelorette
Party. You’ll get 16 naughty drink stirrers in an assortment of pink,
red, blue and purple. 16 penis cocktail stirrers.

The X-Rated Shots Book: Make Tasty Shots!!

Price: 5.99

The X-Rated Shots Book is a tiny book that’s jam packed with more than
50 shot recipes. If you’re making drinks at the bachelorette party, this
is the perfect book for you! It’s more than just the alcohol that gives
these shot recipes that extra kick. With names that range from the suggestive
(“French Kiss”) to those that are thrillingly risque (“The Pierced Buttery
Nipple”), this book combines sex and alcohol in one tasty treat. This
book is small enough to fit in your purse if you’d like to bring it to
the bar, and convenient as an at-home reference for hilarious, delicious
bachelorette party drinks. X-Rated Shots is the perfect gift for your
bachelorette, whether she’s a lightweight or a lush. X-Rated Shots is
tastefully decorated with photos of 50s pin ups and antique shot glasses.
The recipes are easy and the ingredients can be picked up at any local
liquor store. 127 pages.

Get Wild Gift Bag

Price: 2.49

The Get Wild Gift Bag is silly and festive, perfect for concealing the
great gift you picked out for the bachelorette. The Get Wild Gift Bag
is covered with slogans that match its print: “Get Wild!” “Go Nuts!” “Have
a Ball!” The Get Wild Gift Bag is covered with cartoon penises. There
are different colors and shapes. Also in the pattern are little martini
glasses, stars and slogans. The Get Wild Gift Bag is bright and entertaining.
The Get Wild Gift bag measures 12x4x10 inches, big enough to hold a shoebox.

Peckers and Boobs Lollipop Molds

Price: 2.99

The Peckers and Boobs Lollipop Tray was difficult to photograph, since
it is a clear tray, but we assure you that it will make awesome Pecker
and Boob suckers for your guests to enjoy! The Pecker and Boobs Lollipop
Tray makes three detailed penis suckers, as well as three pops that will
look like a pair of breasts. Just fill with chocolate or any other confection,
set in the fridge and suck! Homemade treats always make a party more special.
These are great for a Jack and Jill party or for guests of all sexual
orientations. 1 tray with 3 pecker molds and 3 breast molds.

The Big Joe Blowup Doll

Price: 39.99

Tall, fair-skinned and definitely not handsome, Big Joe will still find
a way to charm your bachelorette party guests. The Big Joe blow up doll
makes a great gag gift to enliven your bachelorette party. Big Joe is
six feet tall, and has an seven inch penis. He’s durable enough to withstand
getting passed from girl to girl at your bachelorette party. Take him
out to the bar for party games, or play with him right at home.

Penis Party Straws – Rainbow – 10 Straws

Price: 4.79

We’ve sold flesh-colored penis straws for some time now. Then came along
glow in the dark penis straws … then bendy penis straws… but ho-hum
those designs are all so passé. What you need now is something vibrant,
something new and edgy, something whimsical that will appeal to mass audiences…something…something…something
like, gasp! penis straws in a rainbow of colors! Genius! This pack of
10 Penis Straws includes red, blue, green, yellow, and purple straws.
And at this price, these unique straws are a bargain. Let your guests
pick their favorite colors and sip on their beverage of choice. Perfect
for a party at home … or show them off at the bar!

Dicky Charms – Penis Candy Bracelet

Price: 2.49

You’re about to get married. You’ve got the dress, the ring, the veil,
and a heartwarming set of vows. You feel pretty well prepared but the
feeling tha something is off still lingers in the background. You rack
and rack your mind until it hits you. YOUR WRISTS! They are bare and sullen.
For your wedding day to go off smoothly this problem must be rectified.
The Dicky Charms Bracelet is just what the doctor ordered. not only is
it comprised of brightly colored wieners, but it can be eaten afterward.
Delicious, tactful, and sophisticated, this candy bracelet can make your
wedding day complete.

Bride Tank Top – White with Gemstones

Price: 19.99

No one will forget who she is if she wears this White Bride Gem Tank
Top. This 100 percent cotton, ribbed white tank top has the word “Bride”
printed on it in small gems. It goes with any outfit, and your bachelorette
can wear it anywhere. This White Bride Tank Top comes in size Large. It
is ribbed and stretches, so it will fit most wearers.

Outta Control Table Cloth

Price: 2.99

The Outta Control Table Cloth will protect the surface of the table from
drink scuffs, spills, and penis cake frosting getting stuck in the cracks
forever. What a handy item. That, or you can use the Bachelorette Outta
Control Table Cloth as a wall decoration. This fun party table cloth measures
52″ x 72″.

Bachelorette Party Memories Picture Frame

Price: 3.99

The Bachelorette Party Memories Frame is the prettiest way to immortalize
the bride-to-be’s last night as a single woman. The Bachelorette Party
Memories Frame is hot pink with darker pink detail. A full color martini
glass (complete with olive) and an engagement ring complete the look.
The bachelorette party frame says, “Bachelorette Party Memories” across
the top in white. It’s perfect for a picture of the bridal party, or an
awesome photo of the bachelorette. Get one Bachelorette Party Memories
Frame for the bride, or grab a few so you can give great gifts to all
the bridesmaids. Holds one 5 by 3.5 inch photo.

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator

Price: 32.99

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator was made famous by Sex and the City. This vibrator
is a great gift for the girl who loves the show, or any girl who’s into
the more sophisticated things in life. This pink and white, pearl lined
vibrator was designed to stimulate her clitoris and G-spot. The Jack Rabbit
is a real, high-quality vibrator that’s sure to amuse your guests and
embarrass your bachelorette! Some facts about the Jack Rabbit: The rabbit
portion of the vibrator vibrates to flick over your clitoris. The soft,
gel shaft undulates. Three-function wired remote (you can adjust both
the speed of the rabbit and the oscillation of the shaft). Dancing pearls
that vibrate and wiggle around the shaft, providing more vaginal stimulation.
Long rabbit ears for intense clitoral stimulation. Hot pink color. This
rabbit vibrator, The Jack Rabbit Vibrator, is made by California Exotic
Novelties, a leader in the field. Takes three C batteries.

Wine Bottle Gift Bag With A Big Dick On It

Price: 2.99

Oh, my. My, oh, my. What we have here is a gift bag for a bottle of wine.
It has a penis along the length. Bottles of wine require long gift bags,
you know. This has a long penis on it. Filthy. This is pure filth. Your
bachelorette will love it.

Tiny Pecker Chocolate Candy Mold

Price: 3.99

This Tiny Pecker Chocolate Candy Mold allows you to create tons of little
chocolate penises to “Wow!” the girls at the Bachelorette Party! You can
fill candy bowl up with them and leave them out for munching, or you could
even put a few in mesh fabric with ribbons and hand them out in gift packages
or leave them out on tables! However you decide to display them, they’re
sure to have your guests laughing! The tray makes 12 little chocolate
peckers. And it’s reusable. These little peckers measure 2″ long, 5″ wide
in the shaft, and 1″ wide in the balls.

Penis Jello Shot Molds

Price: 3.99

Penis Jello Shot Molds were created especially for making perfect jello
shots. We sell other ice cube trays that are excellent for making ice
cubes but not so great for making jello shots. For years we have been
unimpressed with the size of the jello shots that other trays produced.
They just weren’t large enough for our drinking purposes! This super-sized,
penis-shaped jello shot mold is the perfect solution. The Penis Jello
Shot Mold is about the size of a regular ice cube tray and it makes 4
LARGE ice cubes or four great jello shots. These jello shots are perfect
for any bachelorette party! We suggest buying two trays and making the
jello in small batches. When a batch is done setting, remove the jello
shots from the mold, place them on a tray, cover with plastic wrap and
make another batch. The jello shots will stay fresh for a day or so; after
that they get sort of filmy. We’re so happy that we finally have the perfect
jello shot mold. Now we’re going to have to make Penis Jello Shots to

Big Gulp Dicky Drink Bottle

Price: 5.99

This 16-ounce, penis-shaped sippy cup is a distinctive version of the
refillable drink bottle! The Dicky Drink Bottle comes complete with a
removable straw and cap. The easy-to-fill design makes this bottle better
than older, messier models. We’re warning you: every guest will want one
of these exceptional cups. Big Gulp Dicky Drink Bottles make the perfect
party favor for guests to take home and use again and again. The Big Gulp
Dicky Drink Bottle is a hot way to sip a cool drink.

The Bachelorette Trivia Game

Price: 5.99

The Bachelorette Trivia Game finds out how much the Bachelorette REALLY
knows about sex and marriage! These 52 titillating questions will spice
up any Bachelorette Party! Here are some examples of what’s inside : How
long was the longest erection recorded? A. 9″ B. 10.5″ C. 12″ D. 13.5″
Which of the following is a real adult film title? A. At Your Cervix Ma’am
B. Let Me Mount Your Ways C. Dude, Where’s My Dildo D. Bush Patrol What
percentage of Women have an orgasm during sex? A. 30% B. 45% C. 60% D.
75% Quiz your Bachelorette and the rest of the girls at the party to find
out these answers and more! Most of them are guaranteed to shock and surprise
you! Actually, it would probably be a lot of fun to quiz strangers and
hot guys at the bar!

Lover’s Pasta

Price: 6.99

Lover’s Pasta makes your bachelorette party dinner naughty and hilarious.
Lover’s Pasta is made from 100% durum wheat, and tastes just like regular
pasta. That is, until you start thinking about what you’re eating. Lover’s
Pasta is shaped like couples in different sexual positions. Our favorites
are the Tortellini Tongue Massage and the Clinging Canneloni. Play a game
with your guests and see what names you can come up with. The Lover’s
Pasta Sexy Pasta Shapes contains five servings. We think you should serve
it with olive oil and garlic, just so you don’t cover up the action with
tomato sauce. Or you could use a white Alfredo sauce, if you’re feeling
extra saucy. 8.8 Oz/ 250g

Girlfriend of the Bachelorette Name Tags – 16

Price: 1.99

The Girlfriend of the Bachelorette Name Tags help you avoid the confusion
and embarrassment of forgetting your fellow party-goers’ names. Also,
they can help identify you to random people at the party or bar, as one
of Bachelorette Party gang. Either that, or you could all come up with
fake names for the night just for laughs. This way, if any numbers are
given out, suitors will be calling around asking for “Frederique” or “Natasha.”
The name tags are bright pink stickers that have a place for you to write
in your name under “Girlfriend of the Bachelorette.” Includes 16 name

Matron of Honor Tank – Black with Gemstones

Price: 17.99

The Black Matron of Honor Tank with Silver Gems honors your Matron of
Honor. The difference between a Maid of Honor and a Matron of Honor is
that while a Maid of Honor is single, the Matron of Honor is married.
The Black Matron of Honor Tank features silver gemstones that spell out,
“Matron of Honor.” This high-quality tank is stretchy and fits most. Honor
your matron with this special shirt.

Party Favor Boxes

Price: 3.49

Party Favor Boxes are small decorative boxes that you can fill with goodies
for your guests to take home. Fill them with candy, light up rings, bead
braclets, an ID pin or a shot glass. The pink Party Favor Boxes come six
to a package and will fit small trinkets. To give you an idea of size,
a shot glass would fit in one comfortably with a couple pieces of candy.
6 Party Favor Boxes per package.

Black Dicky Dining Set – 8 Sets

Price: 5.49

The Black Dicky Dining Set lets you dig into your bachelorette party
fare with twitterpated abandon. This set of silverware is perfect for
African American brides or grooms. The Black Dicky Dining Set features
8 sturdy forks, knives and spoons. These brown bachelorette party utensils
are simple, with just a slight penis embellishment on the tip of each
piece of plasticware. Devour your cake or pizza in true bachelorette party
style. 8 sets of plasticware.

Tickle His Pickle – A Book Of Great Penis-Pleasing Tips

Price: 15.99

Tickle His Pickle is an informative and witty book for women by Sadie
Allison. This book is a self-proclaimed penis instruction manual. You
will learn how to seduce your man, give a great blow job or hand job,
and what to do if he just can’t get it up. Tickle His Pickle offers illustrations
and is a very easy read. After reading this book, you too can be a penis
genius–and your man will love you for it.

The Bachelorette Tiara

Price: 7.99

The Bachelorette Party Tiara is a spectacular tiara for the bachelorette.
The bachelorette will feel like a princess wearing this sparkling silver
bachelorette tiara. Spelled out in sparkles on top of tiara is the word
BACHELORETTE. Who wouldn’t love to feel like a princess for a day? When
you throw a bachelorette party, you need to make sure the bachelorette
gets a lot of attention. This sparkling metal bachelorette tiara will
make a great souvenir for the bachelorette to remember her last girls’
night out. We sell other bachelorette attire that will make her outfit
complete. If I could, I would wear my Bachelorette Tiara everyday. Click
on the picture to see just how pretty it is.

What the Fuck Bar Cards

Price: 7.19

The What the Fuck Bar Card Game is the perfect game for a crazy night
out on the town. The What the Fuck Game will have you asking your friends
hilarious, raunchy questions. This game is really out there, if you couldn’t
tell by the title. Here are some of the questions you will answer when
you play What the Fuck: Would you be willing to lap up a shot of Vodka
out of Player One’s mouth for 10 free bottles of vodka? Would you be willing
to nail shingles to your feet for a 1-in-4 chance to win your dream home?
What business would you prefer to own? a) an adult diaper changing service
b) an art studio where sculptures are made out of used vibrators and dildos
The What the Fuck Bar Game contains over 200 original questions for your
drunken minds to ponder. You can play with 2 or more players. Just take
turns asking each other the outrageous questions. The rest of the players
will use the game coins to guess the answer, and drink if they are incorrect.
Includes: 108 game cards; 12 A/B coins.

Penis Cupcake Molds

Price: 10.99

Use these Penis Cupcake Molds to make scrumptious bachelorette party
snacks. You can make penis shaped cupcakes or Jell-O shots. This cupcake
pan makes 6 cupcakes. The entire pan is 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches.
Each of the six cupcakes will be 4 3/8 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide
and 1 inch deep. Who doesn’t like cupcakes? And if you’re one of the rare
people that doesn’t, make Jell-O shots! The Jell-O shots you can produce
with this pan will be huge, guaranteeing tipsy guests who are ready for
fun. A good tip for making Jell-O shots: Substitute 1/2 of the water with
vodka. Don’t overheat or you’ll boil off the alcohol. Whatever way you
use the Mid-Sized Penis Cupcake Molds, you will definitely enjoy the end
result. Mmm!

Boob Cake Pan

Price: 11.99

If you are planning a bachelor party or a Jack and Jill Party, you might
want to buy the Booby Cake Pan to make a boobs-shaped cake for the guys.
It is approximately the same size as our Mid-Sized Penis Cake Pan. One-half
box of cake mix is the perfect size to use with the Booby Cake Pan. You
can frost your cake with butterscotch frosting and place cherries in the
center of each boob. The dudes will totally love it. This cake pan is
10 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 2 1/2 inches deep. I guess that makes
it about a C-cup.

Bachelorette Party Invitations – Corset Style – 8

Price: 3.99

The Bachelorette Party Corset Invitations mix fun with femininity, with
their black corset and pink lace design. Instead of opening at the right-hand
side like all other cards and invites, these open in the middle, like
an old western saloon door. If you’re going to send the word out that
you want to party, why not do it in a sexy and sophisticated manner? 8
corset party invitations.

Bachelorette Party Memory Book – Capture Your Drunken Wisdom

Price: 6.99

The Bachelorette Party Memory Book will help the bride-to-be keep track
of any important pre-marriage moments. This keepsake can be used as a
scrapbook, diary, autograph book, or a place to record any bachelorette
gifts. Bring this Bachelorette Party Memory Book with you during the celebration.
The bridesmaids can all write messages to the bride during her last moments
of freedom. This book comes with its own pen. Written on the cover are
the words “outta control,” to remind everyone to live it up before the

Light-Up Penis Earrings

Price: 4.99

Light-Up Penis Earrings make a statement about your style. What could
be better than pretty pink penis earrings? Pretty pink penis earrings
that LIGHT UP! Fashionistas will stop you every 5 feet to compliment you
on your beautiful earrings. Tell them you bought them in France, and they
will most likely try to buy them from you for a million euros. I’m telling
the truth, it happened to me. I just accidentally washed the check in
the pocket of my jeans before I could cash it. Yeah, it’s my luck.

Miss Bachelorette’s Charades

Price: 10.59

This game of Charades was made especially for your bachelorette party
or bridal shower. Bachelorette Charades are good, clean fun that will
please everyone from the bachelorette to the grandmother of the bride.
Everyone loves Charades! Keep your guests laughing as they act out and
try to guess there phrases that all have one thing in common: Marriage.
Play in teams of two or more. In Bachelorette Charades, one team member
silently acts out the phrase or action, and the other team members have
60 seconds or less to guess what is is. Includes: 70 Phrase Cards, Notepad,
Pencil, Sand Timer and Rule Card.

Pimp Your Ride with the Car Decorating Kit

Price: 11.99

Pimp the bachelorette’s car with the Bachelorette Party Car Decoration
Kit. Surprise her with a fully decked out car, complete with flag, bumper
sticker, rear viewer mirror tag, door magnet and all sorts of vinyl window
decorations. The included flag says “Bachelorette’s Outta Control in red,
pink and white. The bumper sticker and door magnet warn other drivers
to hurry up, since a bachelorette party is in progress. The 16 vinyl window
decorations include kisses, martini glasses and caution signs. This is
a festive kit. Use it to decorate the limo, the party bus, or the bachelorette’s
car on her last girls’ night out.

Inflatable Boobs

Price: 6.99

In today’s looks-driven society, breast implants are becoming common,
but who has the money for such a pricey investment? Inflatable Boobs give
you a boob job in a box. The size of Inflatable Boobs can be adjusted
based on how much air you put into the side valve. This means that they
are the best set of boobs for any occasion. Use Inflatable Boobs to surprise
your friends, but remember to stay away from any sharp objects. Inflatable
Boobs can quickly become deflated ones.

Beat It Party Pinata

Price: 17.49

Get festive with the Beat It Bachelorette Party Pinata! The Beat It Pinata
is bright pink and covered in colorful stars to make a great decoration
and game for the bachelorette party. The Beat It Pinata features fun pink
streamers and says, “Beat It” on both sides. There are many ways to beat
a penis, but this one should be beaten with a broom handle. The Beat It
Party Pinata measures a little over 18 inches tall and is about five inches
wide when filled. The Beat It Pinata will hold at least two bags of fun-sized
candy. This pinata fills easily from the top. 1 Pinata per package. You’ll
need a broomstick (or other beating device) and a blindfold to play.

Penis Shaped Toothbrush

Price: 2.99

I don’t know how effective this Penis Toothbrush is for maintaining dental
hygiene, but it might make you remember to brush more often! Watch out,
though, because your man might get jealous. The Penis Toothbrush makes
a hot bachelorette party gift. She will definitely love this novelty item.

Two Large Disposable Pecker Cake Pans

Price: 0.00

If you’re serving lots of cake at your bachelorette party, pick up the
Large Disposable Pecker Cake Pans. These disposable penis-shaped cake
pans come two to a pack and will work wonderfully for a one-time use in
your oven. Try making a double decker cake with these two cake pans, or
two separate cakes. You can make the cakes look realistic or cartoony,
depending how you frost them. The best part about these cake pans? They’re
disposable. If you don’t want to explain your awesome new penis-shaped
cake pan to your husband or children, these disposable pans are the way
to go. Two 14″ disposable cake pans.

The Giant Pecker Candle – 11 Inches Tall

Price: 9.99

Everyone needs a giant penis once in a while. The Giant Pecker Candle
allows you to have your giant penis, and light it on fire too! The Giant
Pecker Candle stands at just over 11 inches tall and two inches across.
It has a soft pink color, reminiscent of the real thing. The difference
between a real penis and this candle? The Giant Pecker Candle will burn
all night. The Giant Pecker Candle is great for decorating your dinner
table, entrance way or bathroom. You could even burn one in your window
to let your guests know where the party is (and to scare off men forever).
1 Giant Pecker Candle.

Bachelorette Party Buttons – 7 – Great Value!

Price: 4.99

The Bachelorette Party Buttons come with one “Bride to Be,” three “Party
in Progress,” and three “Party Girl” buttons. On the top they all say,
“Bachelorette Outta Control.” Have your party guests wear these buttons
to show everyone that you’re all together and out to party! The buttons
are white, red and pink, and you get 7 in this set.

A Hot Pink Stripper Pole – Awesome!

Price: 129.99

The Peekaboo Hot Pink Party Pole includes a three piece professional
dance pole, assembly guide, DVD and a portable storage bag. The Peekaboo
line of stripper poles are durable and easy to assemble. This sturdy dancing
pole can be used for striptease, strip aerobics, aerobics and party pole
dancing. Make your bachelorette party fun and memorable by taking turns
dancing on the Hot Pink Party Pole. The Hot Pink Party Stripper Pole adjusts
and extends up to 8’6″ tall to fit most standard ceilings. This pole must
be screwed into the ceiling to carry persons over 220lbs and can be used
by those up to 265lbs. Apparently, the latest craze at bachelorette parties
is to learn how to pole dance. Well, if you don’t have access to a pole
dancing instructor (who does?) then this is the ticket. Besides, after
the party is over you can give the pole to the bride. The groom will definitely
thank you. You will have to judge for yourself if your friends want to
learn to pole dance. Also, if those same friends want to demonstrate their
skills in front of the rest of the bridal party. Then again alcohol is
a powerful motivator. The Peekaboo Stripper Pole is easy to install and
fits any ceiling between 7 ft. and 8 feet 6 inches. It doesn’t require
any nails or screws (though you can screw it in to make it hold more weight).